How estate sales professionals make sales interesting for everyone.

I just received a question from someone in Ross, Ca. who wants to know if my company ( ) brings in additional sales items from outside of the home where the estate sale is being conducted.

Here is the short answer: Yes, but only with the permission of the estate executor.

Here is the long answer:

People who go to estate sales are motivated to do so by their own agendas.

  1. Dealers looking for inventory.
  2. Collectors wanting to fill out their collections.
  3. People who are trying to uniquely decorate their homes.
  4. Curiosity seekers, “amateur social anthropologist” – trying to understand how people live.
  5. Neighbors, sad at the whole mess seeking a memento.

Each of the categories above are really communities of people with special needs and interest. The estate liquidator has to find ways to serve each of these communities and by serving each of these communities serve the interest of the estate.

How you might ask:

It’s all about variety. If the estate does not have enough variety, four of the five communities above will not come to the estate sale and that will hurt the sale.

What do you as consumers or as executers do?

Executors: Ask your estate liquidator for a clear written explanation of:

1. What type of items will be brought in.

2. How much will be brought in.

3. What sort of separating accounting system will they use.

Consumers: If it is important for you to know where estate sales items came from, ask:

  1. Did this item come from this estate or another.
  2. What is its history.

If you have any questions about the above you can always respond to this post.

My name is Martin Codina and I am an estate liquidator who likes his job.


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