How To Do An Estate Sale

So you want to know how to conduct an Estate Sale?

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The very first things you want to consider about Estate Sales are:

  • Has enough time passed?
  • Are you ready to conduct an Estate Sale?
  • What are your objectives?

Has Enough Time Passed?

Here’s what I have found to be true about people who are contemplating conducting an estate sale.

  • They have waited so long to take action, that they are now under a lot of pressure to empty a house.
  • They have not taken enough time to let the grief process run its course, and they empty a house too soon.

…So take your time, but not too much time…

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Are You Ready To Conduct an Estate Sale?

The most important thing to know is, how to obtain Estate Sales information.

  • If you are going to do your own estate sale, align yourself with a dealer type, or an appraiser who can help you determine realistic values.
  • Make sure that your estate sale will be properly staffed, and that you know where to advertise.

…Get ready for your Estate Sale, by gathering the proper information…

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What are your Estate Sales Objectives?

Is your Estate Sale meant to “Just Get Rid Of Stuff” or is meant to generate income?

  • If your Estate Sale is just to get rid of stuff, with no need of income, consider a charitable donation instead.
  • Generally to add value to something, you must add time to it. In other words generating income through Estate Sales will take a time commitment.

…Become as clear as you can about your Estate Sales expectations…

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Thank You.

Martin Codina

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