Is the Antiques Business Nuts? Ask Mr. Peanut

Is the Antiques Business Nuts? Ask Mr. Peanut

What makes Mr. Peanut stand out from the other nuts? What has us asking: I wonder what Mr. Peanut thinks? I wish I had all the answers to this and other questions about the nuts in the antiques business. But being one of them, I don’t, only some positive speculation.

It’s True Mr. Peanut has never been implicated as having had an affair.

Mr Peanut Figure Counter Top Display Sold By Rago Arts For $1,220.00

Not that he hasn’t been to a lot of soirees and such. He is a stand out – all dignified, in top hat and those vintage spats would make any gentleman envious – where did he get those clothes and how did he develop such a wise countenance.

Here’s the thing about the antiques business today – You Have To Have a Sense of Humor…can’t have a dour face or run about all “Henny Penny.” The words  “The Sky is Falling” shouldn’t be issuing forth from your lips. Now is the time to become innovative, and ask the most important question: What do my customers want? Not what do I want to sell them…

Put Your Antiques Business on the Mr. Peanut Scale.

Mr. Peanut Floor Scale Sold By James Julia Auctions for $10,350.00

Carefully weigh your past success, I mean do the analysis, what were the trends for the last 2 or 3 years. What has been selling and what has collected dust in your store. We can’t have dust collectors in our store, we can’t insist that our customers buy dust collectors and we can’t state the the business just ain’t what it used to be just because our customer don’t want dust collectors. As dealers we might ask…What would Mr. Peanut do? What tricks might he employ?

Mr. Peanut Stays Happy, No Matter What the Other Nuts Say!

Mr. Peanut Old Fashioned Peanut Candy Wrapper Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $990.00

Find out what your customers wish they had: Start a customer wish list. Award a monthly prize for the craziest wish. Do the unexpected. Have theme weeks. Offer drop in appraisals. Post a deal of the day everyday on Craigslist. Never stop trying new things. Look in on the competition, what’s making them so successful?

Mr. Peanut Thinks it’s all about The Display

Mr. Peanut Display Jar Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions For $9,200.00

Change is good, and more importantly when you often change the way the items in your store are displayed you create the appearance of freshness, and that freshness changes the way your customers shop, it can create imperative. It can make it look like things are selling, and when your customers get the idea that sales are brisk in your store, then they know that they can’t hesitate to make a purchase, that if they don’t make a purchase today, then the items they are interested in could very well be gone tomorrow.

Do this work today, and reap the benefits of your labor tomorrow

Mr. Peanut Vendor Cart Sold For $110.00

It’s true that there are a lot of Antiques Stores closing right now, almost half of the Antiques stores in Petaluma, CA. a town well known for it’s antiqus stores have closed. But the biggest and a few of the smaller ones who have adapted are still in business, and it’s a fact that the antiques market will bounce back, and it is those dealers – The ones Who Adapted, Shifted and Changed who will successfully make the transition, who will still be opened when the the customers come back with cash in their hands…

Join The Mr. Peanut Parade!!!

Mr. Peanut Parade Statue Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $14,300.00

I wish you all the best of luck, I offer you this article as a way of thinking differently about what you already know so well – as my Two Cent’s. I am certain I don’t have all the answers, but together – all of us in dialog, well perhaps maybe then some better more positive strategies can emerge.

Good Luck

Martin Codina.
Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation, Inc.

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4 thoughts on “Is the Antiques Business Nuts? Ask Mr. Peanut

  1. And we’re one of “them” too. We do the Wish List and other such things. It’s good customer service and business in our opinion, plus it’s fun! Good post Martin – Thanks and a Happy New Year to you – Hope it ‘s a great one for you!

  2. My Vintage Generation: Thanks for the compliment…

    ASB Chicago Estate Sales: I aggree about the customer service, what would a business be without it…? Not Much! Thanks…

  3. Martin:

    This is an absolutely incredible display of all the possibilities out there in the universe. You keep getting better & better! Keep your eye on the prize; it’s out there just waiting for you!

    Your loving mother-in-law

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