It’s A Contest! Why Did Someone Paint This Dog Red?

…Perhaps they thought it was a Great Idea…

Make Up A Story About Why Anyone Would Paint

This Hubley Boston Terrier Red

And Win!

$75.00 First Prize $50.00 Second Prize $25.00 Third Prize

Here Are The Rules:

  1. Make up a story, devise a theory or if you are the person who painted this poor dog red, tell us why you did it.
  2. Your story could go on and on or be as short as a few sentences.
  3. Extra points are given for wacky, zany, different or just bizarre.
  4. Your entry must be posted here as a comment to win…
  5. As an alternative to rule number one, you could tell us what we should do with the little doggy now that someone painted the poor thing red.
  6. Deadline for contest entry is:  September 15, 2011.
…By the Way Here’s…

What a Hubley Boston Terrier Should Look Like!

Antique Celebrity Judge: Karen Knapstein Of Antique Trader Magazine

Good Luck,

Martin Codina
CEO Fine Estate Sales

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14 thoughts on “It’s A Contest! Why Did Someone Paint This Dog Red?

  1. I bet you would never guess!

    This little boston just had a much more difficult job than the rest. Most of his sisters and brothers held doors humans that were made of wood. This boston had to pull more than his own weight. He lived at the house of The Great Ogre of Iceland. The Great Ogre of Iceland had a door of steel that towered fifteen feet above this poor terrier. This little boston always stood strong, but because of the stain, he turned bright red! Once The Great Ogre of Iceland took notice, he sent the boston away on a ship to a far off land because he no longer liked the look of this servant. Because of the many hours this poor pooch strained, he will never go back to the color he once was.

    He wasn’t painted by someone, silly!


    It was quite an unfortunate evening that little Hubley was forced to endure. His owner, the famous artist Prince Goolsby had been tipping the wine glass a few times to many during the day and continued on into that night. Unable to find the right inspiration for his new masterpiece, that all of the art world would adore, he plummeted into a dismaying fit of anger. In a rant, he paraded around his studio flinging brushes, pallet knives and canvas into the air, attempting to spur on his creative juices.
    It happened that poor little Hubley was standing in the doorway, when Mr. Goolsby stormed through and without seeing, stubbed his big toe on the stout Boston. At first enraged, he calmed down quite quickly and the thought came to him. He could start a new rage. It could be all the rage. Red Boston Terriers!
    Needless to say, the fad never took hold. All that remains is this item. The Last of the Red Boston Terriers.

  3. This little terrier was painted red with calf’s blood and placed at the front entry doorway to scare away any ill or evil spirits from entering. The symbolic sacrifice of the calf in addition to the warning properties of the color red did double duty in protecting the home.

  4. I didn’t realize how long this was when I wrote it. About a page. Ok here is it 🙂
    “Stop bugging me Charles! I am trying to watch tv!”

    “Sissy! Come paint with me!”

    “Do you not hear me? I said NO! Be quiet!” She glanced over at the dining room table where her five year old brother was painting, and rolled her eyes.

    “You are so mean to me sissy.” He complained and slammed his little fist on the table so hard his can of paint jumped a bit off the table. A smirk came across his face as he got the most brilliant idea. Before he had time to think about it, his foam brush was in the can and he flung a huge glump of bright red paint through the air, landing right on the back of his older sister’s head.

    She gasped and stood up so slowly and firmly, with fists of rage. She didn’t bother to pull the paint out of her light blonde hair just sped over to the table and took the can of paint, holding it over her brother’s head. The pause only lasted a millisecond and soon enough the paint was pouring all over his bowl cut hair.

    He reached up and knocked the can out of her hand. This began the verbal argument.
    “Why are you so mean to me?”
    “You threw paint into my hair!”
    “You poured paint all over my hair and my face. What is it never comes off sissy?”
    “You are so dumb. It will come off. Don’t be such a baby. You could of gotten the paint on grandma’s couch though. Then what would of happened? You are so lucky it stayed on us and none of the furniture.” She looked around proudly and realized her brother wasn’t saying anything. She looked down at him and saw exactly what he was looking at.

    Grandma’s antique Hubley Boston Terrier had the can sitting on it’s back and red paint was dripping all over it. Charles dropped to his knees, grabbing his brush off the table and started smearing the paint all around. The black and white dog was becoming a sloppy red mess. Even his tail was getting painted.

    “Are you gonna help or not sissy?”

    She regretfully got down on her knees and started smearing the paint in the crevices like the ears and eyes. She knew her grandma would notice and they would be dead as the fish grandpa spent all day catching. It seemed to be their only option though. Within 20 minutes they were done painting it and the poor dog was completely red.

    Both the kids cleaned up the mess and ran to take showers and get the red paint out of their hair. When Charles came out he saw his grandma standing in the middle of the room, looking at her now red, Hubley Boston Terrier.

    Shakily he asked,”Is something wrong?”

    “I never realized how oddly beautiful that piece was. It doesn’t fit well there though. Can you move it to the fireplace for me Charles?”

    He nodded, picked up the dog, and walked away grimly.

  5. Being a housemate to a Boston Terrier named Winston, I have come to know and love his high spirited antics. One of which is how at times when no one else is particularly interested in playing he will both throw and retrieve his own toy. On occasion he has selected an inappropriate item to toss.
    On this occasion he chose a 2-1/2 inch, heeled wedge shoe belonging to my daughter which she had carelessly left on the stairway. This was her first mistake as he feels anything left in that area must belong to him. Her second mistake was leaving a bottle of Stiletto Red nail polish inside the shoe.
    As he tossed the shoe from six steps up down to the ceramic tile flooring below, the nail polish bottle came flying out. It ricocheted its way down the wooden banister coming to a final crash against my beloved Hubley cast iron Boston Terrier, (purchased at an online auction when I was once so enamored with our new puppy that I decided to bid on every item with the word “Boston Terrier” in the title).

    The polish spattered across the floor, the walls and the Hubley. In between sobs and swearing my damage control instincts kicked in as I cleaned the mess from the walls and tile. I forgot about the Hubley until later that day. The splatters of polish had started to dry so I tried nail polish remover. I only managed to smear the paint giving the dog a disgusting fleshy appearance. Resigned to a non-traditional cast iron look, I decide to go the other way and kept adding polish and remover until he looked like he does now. I still keep an extra bottle of the red polish and on occasion can be found doing touch ups.

    Uh-oh, I hear Winston above in my bedroom and it sounds like an elephant crossing the room….got to go now.

    P.S.-the above story is based on three different true facts: 1. My daughter did spill a bottle of red nail polish splattering the walls and floor. 2. I do have a ceramic Boston Terrier statue in the foyer from when I did bid and buy numerous items online in my puppy-love stage. I broke the leg off this statue when sweeping, so this red Hubley would be a great replacement). 3. Winston is notorious for finding any item left unattended and we often find them relocated in the weirdest places.

  6. Poor little Hubley Boston Terrier was walking around at the Boston fish market. He got hungry and jumped up on into the iced bin holding the Boston Bullheads. A buyer came by and told the fish merchant that he wanted about 10 lbs of the bullheads but wanted them skinned. The fish merchant used a scoop and Hubley was caught. OH NO!
    The fish merchant felt so terrible that he had a small iron monument made of Hubley and since he didn’t see Master Hubley B. Terrier until he was skinned he made the monument as Hubley was then.

  7. This boston terrier had a very risque Job, He worked in an old saloon..and when he was place at the door the girls upstairs were lets say “open for business” The red light was not noticeable in the day so he was painted red so day visitors could find their way to the Ladies !

  8. I couldn’t resist this cute little statue to hold the door open. The only problem was he was in such bad shape. I found him at a yard sale. After looking at him intently, I realized he looked a lot like my boxer-mastiff mix named Astro. My Astro is red, so the only natural course of action was to paint this guy red, so I would always have a memory of my Astro. My Astro was found in a park in Boynton Beach, Fl, full of worms, full of mange, fully intact and starving. He came to live with me and weighed only 40 lbs. He was about 2 when he came to my home. I had Astro for 9 years, and at the end of his life he weighed 98 lbs. He had to be put down because of illness and aggression because the poor guy was in pain. So, here is my little Astro.

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