It’s Monday In Estate Sales Land

Estate Sales? Better Than any business I know…!

It’s 6:00am here folks.

Getting up early, starting the day before the first roosters crow, well it’s all part of the estate sales business. If you are afraid of hard work, getting your hands dirty or rising before the sun does, then the estate sales business is not for you.

This past weekend saw us out in the rain putting up our roadside signs, all part of the preparations for the downsizing estate sale of a gentleman who is moving form Marin County, here in Northern California, to the wilds of Idaho.

It’s at least 3 or 4 times a week that someone sends me an email asking me to give them some advise which they hope will help them get into the estate sales business.

People need work, they have to feed their families and such, and that’s fine, I don’t begrudge them this. But let me just say, the estate sales business isn’t for everybody.

If you think the Estate Sales Business is glamorous, or that it is a business that’s going to make you a ton of money fast, then you will sorely be disappointed. The estate sales business is difficult. Make no mistake about it. If you do not have strong organizational skills – If you faint at the sight of throngs of people – If you easily get upset at estate sales customers rude comments – If you do not like to attend to a lot of painstaking research, then the estate sales business is most definitely not for you.

Did I mention Ethics? If you do not have strong ethics, well you’re sunk before your ship leaves harbor…

Now where was I?

Oh that’s right I was saying that it’s Monday morning following our estate sale in San Rafael, CA. We worked for a week to set that house up, the weekend to actually sell all of the household contents, and now we rise early on a Monday morning to set a clean up crew in motion. It’s all part of the estate sales process…Oh and did I mention that Monday morning also begins the process of starting to set up another estate sale for this weekend, this one in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco?

The Estate Sales Business Is A Lifestyle Business: If for whatever reason you want to see this differently…you might want to reconsider getting into the business, you’ll save everyone including your clients a whole lot of trouble.

Martin Codina

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