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The Incomparable Josephine Baker

Revue Nègre  josephine baker sold at auction with link follow
(Sold by Poster Auctions International, Inc for $322,000.00 in November of 2007)

This poster by PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) for the Revue Nègre, is claimed by him, and others, to be the debut poster for Josephine Baker’s entree into the world of Paris nightlife and theater.

It is a hand signed gouache and ink on paper.

Here is a quote from Paul Colin about what he describes as his “Discovery” of Josephine Baker.

“I can still see them: The women wore high-button shoes, green shoes with red laces, and they had a veritable garden growing on their head, with forget-me-nots, and other floral decorations. The men were dressed with equal gaudiness, color and flourish. The music was intoxicating. And the star [Maud de Forrest] . . . was a fine woman, but too hefty and physically not very interesting. So I looked among the girls for a more pleasing subject and I found a very beautiful girl, above all a very beautiful body, and I found her…

La Revue des Folies Bergere featuring Josephine Baker

Folies Bergere Josephine Baker sold by Dominic Winter Book with link follow

(Sold by Dominic Winter Book Auctions for $280.00 in June of 2009)

From the the African American slums of St. Louis circa 1906, to the street corners of its neighborhoods, Josephine Baker was recruited into its local vaudeville theaters.

She was a goddess in the making, a lithe and sensuous 16 year old who rose up from the complex world of ghettos and slums, with dignity; by 1921 she was performing at the Plantation club in Harlem, a part of the Harlem Renaissance.

Bakerfix Hair Care Display, Josephine Baker Bust

Bakerfix Hair Care Display Josephine Baker Bust with link follow to skinners
(Sold by Skinner’s Auction House for $7,703.00 in Oct. of 2009)

She was comic, exotic, and beautiful, and so very intelligent, that though many around her sought to imprison her in the worlds of their exploitation, Josephine it seems was the Diva of her own destiny.

Josephine Baker by Jean Dunand

JOSEPHINE BAKER by JEAN DUNAND sold by Christies Paris
(Sold by Christie’s Paris for $500,241.00 in June of 2006)

Josephine Baker Should Inspire Us All

Towards excellence, towards taking a chance at brilliance, towards allowing ourselves the chance to take the ultimate risk – To Live Out The Dreams Of Our Lives, and though afraid, to do it anyways…


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