Knabe Baby Grand Piano

Knabe Baby Grand Piano (Young Chang Model) with Piano Disc System.

Model KN590

5′ 8″

Serial # YG0130435

Matching Bench

Circa 2000

This is an extraordinary and incredible piano that is in pristine condition. Its black lacquer surface is shiny, and it has no sun fading.

If you have been waiting to find the perfect piano, this is the one!

It has a beautiful warm tone that will likely remind many of a Steinway. With the Piano Disc System you will also be able to sit back and listen as the piano literally plays itself.

Its Piano Disc System will allow the piano to play itself either with a floppy disc or a CD!

This Piano to be sold this weekend, at an estate sale located at 1900 18th Ave, San Francisco, Ca.

Asking Price: $10,500.00

Martin Codina
Fine Estate Liquidation

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