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H.G. McFaddin ” Bellova” Gnome Lamps

H G McFaddin Lamps Bellova Catalog

Here’s another reason I love being in the estate sales business.


What will I find next? How much is it worth? Where is the right buyer or collector for what I have found?

But even better than the above questions, is the beauty of what has been found. The object itself, how it looks. While researching another lamp for a client, I came across a site that shows in wonderful detail just how beautiful these Bellova Gnome lamps by H.G. McFadden can be.

The Lamps of H G McFaddin Logo with link follow

Here’s what I learned about Bellova Lamps.

They were made in 1910 through the 1930’s by a company called H.G. McFadden. The H.G. McFadden Company had two primary types of lamps that they produced. The “Bellova” and “Emeralite.” To say that they made lamps though is a bit misleading. It seems that what they did was design lamp shades which they had produced in Czechoslovakia, which they married to a verity of lamp bases.

Here is fine a example of an Emeralite lamp…

EMERALITE desk lamp

Where to find more information about buying or Selling Bellova Lamps…

Bruce Bleier, Ruby Lane,

On eBay, In the last 90 days, the average selling price for a Bellova lamp was $269.00. The average start price was $99.50. There were a total of 27 listings. The highest sale price realized was $736.00.

…Retail prices will be on average much higher…

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