Look Schiaparelli Sunglasses

Schiaparelli Sunglasses, or another way to see Beauty…

I always like to let you know about a hidden gem, something that it is possible to find at an Estate Sale, Flea Market, or a small Antiques Store that you actually have the chance of finding for not a lot of money…something that you might re-sell for even more…

Schiaparelli sunglasses sold by Doyle auction with link follow 1

(Sold By Doyle New York for $1,400.00 in June of 2006)

I didn’t know Schiaparelli made Sunglasses

Now you do, and it’s winter folks, or at least it’s close to winter. Who’s thinking sunglasses at a time like this? Who cares about Varnet, or Ray Ban or Maui Jim, we’re talking about sunglasses that are distinctive, classy and incredibly unique and fashionable.

But She Did, and they were Stunning

Schiaparelli Glasses sold by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with link follow 2

(Offered by Leslie Hindman Auctions for estimate of $500-$700.00)

In the last three months eBay has only offered up three of these, selling in the $200-$300.00 range, and Art Fact only had four of them listed as being sold some time in the last 5 years. This tells me that there are either not many of these kinds of sunglasses out there, or that they are not very well understood as having value.

Schiaparelli Sunglasses, My definition of Vintage Eye Wear

Schiaparelli Glasses sold by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with link follow 1

(Offered by Leslie Hindman Auctions for estimate of $500-$700.00)

Long ago, and now it seems far away, there was true glamor. There was ease and grace, and let me add that there was innocence, playfulness and fun. There was a lot less bad ass hardness. A lot less steel. A lot less edginess. These vintage sunglasses are a kind of proof of that…

I wish I could tell you more about Schiaparelli Sunglasses

Schiaparelli sunglasses sold by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with link follow

(Sold by Leslie Hindman Auctions for $854.00 In Nov. 2009)

But I can’t, there is simply not much written about them…so be on the lookout, see if you can find them, and then you can be seen in them, perhaps at a showing of some old time 1950′s movie…

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Martin Codina

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