Lux Clocks: Does Any One Know What Time It Is?

as a collector, to know and understand how to research antiques is everything…to learn this takes time!

Now It’s Lux Clock Time

Miniature Lux Clown Clock Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions

What are we all doing in the Estate Sales Business, or even in the Antiques Business, but having the time of our lives. Out on a daily basis, searching the various auction house byways, reading Craigslist ads, and following up on leads of one kind or another. To this writer, this is my life, one that I embrace wholeheartedly.

Lux Clocks fill one of my primary collecting objectives: To have and or sell items which are unique and not often seen…

Lux Clocks: Wimsey Posing as Fancy

Lux Bull Dog Clock Sold by William J. Jenack

I take my time, sometimes an extraordinary amount of time to research an item that I have recently purchased. When I do an estate sale, as part of our set up, I often find myself looking up as many as 100 items. I need to be sure. I want to know. I am vigorous on behalf of my clients and my businesses financial interest.

Lux Clocks, create a bit of humor for your walls: Take a chance, spend a bit of dough, take time out for your sense of humor…

Find a Lux Clock and Make Your Wall Very Happy

Cat Face Lux Clock Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions

If you want to read up on Lux Clocks, I think the best site out there, not only for its deep exploration of the subject of Lux Clocks, but also for its rich pictorial depictions of these amazing clocks, is a website created by Dan & Diana Lockett: Lux Clocks. Give them a visit, get their take on time…you’ll be glad you did.

Lux Clocks, if you are going to be at the mercy of timeYou might as well have a smiling face telling you where to be and when…

Lux Clocks! Good Old Fashion American Fun…

Lux Clown Clock Sold by Gene Harris Auction

Take your time, and shop wisely, decide which kind of Lux Clock you are going to collect. Lux Clocks of Waterbury Massachusetts made every type of clock you can think of: Alarm Clocks, Lamp Clocks, Clocks with Thermometers, Clocks with Pendulums, Wall Clocks, Shelf Clocks and More…

Once you start looking for Lux Clocks…You’ll start to see them everywhere, at auctions, estate sales, and antique stores…

Me? Which kind of Lux Clock would I collect? I think the above clocks should make that pretty obvious…

Martin Codina

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