Mickey Mouse: Poor Church Mouse Makes Good!

…who knew that such a small modest mouse, would one day stand so TALL?

Like it or not Mickey Mouse Collectibles are Hot!

Mickey Mouse Master Porcelain Mold c.1928 Sold by World of Decor

My first exposure to Mickey Mouse was like millions of Americans, through the Wonderful World of Disney or through The Mickey Mouse Club. Being so young, I didn’t know that at least one of the reasons I was attracted to that furry creature of a mouse, was that he had already become linked to the American ideal of – Local Boy Makes Good.”

In other words, I liked Mickey because somehow no matter what he did, what calamity that befell him, he always survived to be a good mouse another day.

Warhol Understood That Mickey Was An Icon

Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse Sold by Sotheby’s

Mickey Mouse, not Donald Duck or Goofy, rose through the ranks of comicdom, and succeeded at the highest levels of animation, making both robber barons and poor itinerant truckers alike laugh, and for just a moment or two, to forget their troubles and woes.

Happy to be himself, Mickey taught us how to laugh at ourselves, and not take our troubles too seriously…

Mickey, Because He Traveled, Showed Us The World!

Tippco Mickey and Minnie Mouse Motorcycle Sold By Bertlia Auctions

He traveled, he saw the world, and we saw the world with him – with him we learned. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but with Mickey Mouse we as children had the validity of our parents morality confirmed, or dis-confirmed. In a Mickey Mouse cartoon, the good guys almost always won. And even though Mickey wasn’t really an educated Big City Mouse, he seemed to do alright.

Mickey Mouse Is Still Collectible

Mickey Mouse Mechanical Bank Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions

But don’t buy Mickey Mouse Collectibles that are being made today which are for the most part being made in such a staggering verity, and in such quantities, that they will never hold their value. Hold onto your money, don’t throw it away – collect only what is vintage, and be sure of the items condition. Condition is everything…

Mickey, Like any Good Mouse, Loved a Barn Dance!

Mickey Mouse Barn Dance Poster Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions

Mickey Mouse Collectors Tip: Look for Tin Litho Toys, they seem to be leading the pack for value. They were created in more ways then you can imagine. From still banks, to Motorcycles, Mickey as a jumper, or even Mickey as a peanut vendor…

Sometimes Mickey, Influenced by Felix – Smoked Cigars!

Mickey Mouse and Felix Cigar Smoking Sold by Bertoia Auctions

Oh My! I guess even Mickey had to find a way to quit smoking.


How American is that? Very…

Sign Me – A Fan Of Mickey Mouse…

Martin Codina

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