New Items From Fine Estate, and some new dealer advice

4 New Items From Fine Estate Sales: This shows why I am in the business – Diversityis the name of the game…for dealers.

When I first started in the antiques business, even before I became an Estate Liquidator, I read a book about becoming an Antique Dealer. I wish I could remember the name of the book, but I can’t. The only thing I can recall of the book was just this one tidbit. As a dealer, if you find something at an Auction or Estate Sale that you can say of “Gee, I have never seen anything like this before” you should buy it. Because chances are, if you’ve never seen anything like it, others won’t have either.

In Today’s Market with its shifting economies, stay ahead by being different

It’s the diversity thing, that keeps me so engaged and interested in the estate sales business. The surprise, the chance find…the hidden now revealed.

1950's Studio Pottery Mug 1

1950’s Studio Pottery Mug

Navajo Klagetoh 1

Navajo Klagetoh Rug:

Antique Ivory Cigar Cutter 1

Antique Ivory Cigar Cutter


Oil Painting by John J Englehart

Stay Alert, your best days are ahead of you…your next “Best Find” could be one phone call away

Martin Codina

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