OH My! What’s An Antiques Dealer To Do?

Is The Past Being Flushed Away?

Doulton & Co Simplicitas Antique Loo £850 From Leominster Reclamation

With rapid progress comes forgetfulness, and with forgetfulness comes disconnection and with disconnection comes apathy. And when forgetfulness is applied to history, then the apathy that follows is mighty, and that leads to the consequences of repeating all the worst that the forgotten past wrought upon the landscape of civility.

What Of The Past Should We Wash Our Hands Of?

Antique Earthenware Oval Pedestal Sink From Urban Remains

Certainly, I have no wish to remember everything, to wallow in the past, or to incorrectly state that all the past was “Glorious.” But, and I think that this is the important part, Do I want To Wash My Hands Of It…? For this writer, I’d say, I don’t think so, and I don’t think that the general population does either.

We can remember the past…with Antiques, and Odd Collectibles…

Quebec Parcheesi Board From Jeff Bridgman Antiques $6,500.00

Is the sky falling for the Antiques Business? Are consumers really not buying antiques? Will passing Baby Boomers possessions soon flood the marketplace? Well there certainly are marketplace changes afoot, and trends to analyze and take into consideration, but The Sky Falling, I don’t think so. But, if you are an Antiques and Collectibles Dealer who refuses to grow with the times, then this will be true – Your Antiques Business Will Fail…

As Dealers, It’s Time To Take Back The Internet

Golden Bridge Sparkling Water Neon Clock From Off The Wall Antiques $1,200.00

If you are an Antiques Dealer, and have moaned and complained that the malls, and Walmarts have made your selling life hell. Or if you think first eBay, and then other internet enterprises like Etsy, Bonanzle, Ruby Lane, and 1st Dibs have taken business away from you, then Take a Page Out Of Their Book, a web page that is…make your online presence stronger.

Big Business Is Making A Web Mall Of The Antiques Business…

1960’s Teaching Aid Map From Lisa Sherman Antiques $1,000.00

Own Your Territory!!!

If a local buyer in your area can’t find you on the internet, then guess what…they are going to find someone else outside of your area. Make no mistake, people are buying Antiques and Collectibles everyday: Billions of Dollars worth of Antiques and Collectibles, and many of them are making those purchases and developing relationships with online Antiques and Collectibles Dealers.

Sign On To New Concepts, or Be A Sign Of The Times

Image From: Lost City

Here are 5 things you can do.

  1. Think Locally and Act Locally. The Major Antiques and Collectibles Websites can compete with you and blow you out of the water on a National Level, but they can’t compete as well with you in Local Antiques Markets. It’s just a fact.
  2. Take Control of your website! Delegate the task of managing your web presence only after you yourself understand how the whole thing works. Think of yourself as the director, your store as a stage, and the buying public as a participating audience.
  3. Spending lots of money on your website before you have a firm idea of how local shoppers are actually looking for Antiques and Collectibles Information in your area is a complete waste of your precious resources. So be cheap, until you more fully understand the most useful ways to apply cash to your web endeavors.
  4. Befriend as many dealers as you can, read as much about Web 2.0 as you can get eyes on. Exclusivity was once a virtue in the Antiques Business, but now, it sometimes gets in the way.
  5. Update your website often. There are basically two kinds of websites: Static and Dynamic. You want your site to be Dynamic, because Dynamic sites have a way of maintaining and increasing your sites SEO. Don’t know what SEO is, well look it up…


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