One Thousand and One Banjos, The Tsumura Collection, Akira Tsumura

The Coolest Banjo Book in The World

Marble Lamp with two female Banjo Players from the book 1001 banjos

Image from One Thousand and One Banjos Spine Detail

I present for your Viewing Pleasure

One Thousand and One Banjos, by Akira Tsumura

…think of this book as a “Picking Mans Bible”…

Image From One Thousand and One Banjos Title  Page

Here’s why I think that this is the coolest Banjo Book in the world:

Because it represent one mans passion for a very specific category of antiques. This book represents the most exhaustive pictorial representation of mostly 4 string banjos the world of banjo playing fools has ever seen. There is simply no other book like it on the subject.

I also like that I was surprised by it, that I was taken into its world of varnish, strings and resonators so quickly and easily. I didn’t know that I liked banjos, that they were so beautiful, that they were so colorful, until I looked at this book.

Here’s another thing I like about One Thousand and One Banjos – It’s a rare book. I like rare books, especially when rare is new. This is precisely the kind of book that you should be on the look out for when you shop estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores…Because this book, only 13 years old is worth as much as $2,100.00.

Akira Tsumura only printed 2500 of these books

Image From One Thousand and One Banjos Antique banjos

It has 3,000 Photographs on 904 Pages

It is said, and I don’t know how true this is, that the production cost of this book exceeded the revenue from its sales. This underlines for me the mad collector zeal that this book was put together with. Because I am spellbound by its sheer beauty, I kind of have to take the next leap to state that Akira must also have been under the spell of not only the sound that a banjo makes, but also the incredible craftsmanship of so many old time banjo makers.

Washburn Peg Head from the One Thousand and One Banjos Book

…We are so very pleased to have a copy of One Thousand and One Banjos for sale…

Image from One Thousand and One Banjos 5

I invite all banjo players to leave your comments, especially to clear up any mistakes I may have inadvertly made in the writing of this post, as well as to have fun and educate our Fine Estate Sales readership…

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2 thoughts on “One Thousand and One Banjos, The Tsumura Collection, Akira Tsumura

  1. To the dismay of my husband I bought one once, needed lots of work but like you say it was beautiful! There was a quality, a style, something that I couldn’t put a finger on. I can just imagine what flipping through the pages of your banjo book was like! I sold my banjo and my husband ate his hat and never said another word about it. LOL

  2. This book was such a pleasure to open for the first time…I was so taken back by the enormity of its scope.

    Thanks Toma for stopping by and leaving a comment…


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