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Confessions of an Antique Typewriter Collector

Excerpt: My first great find of the year came in February, with an email from a person living just a few hours away from me. She had a McLoughlin Brothers Typewriter from 1884. This little typing machine was the first typewriter marketed to children, even though it was solidly built and was also intended for adults. (Read More Here)

Dishonesty is Public Enemy #1 In the Estate Sales Business!

Excerpt: As a new Estate Sales Professional, you must remember that there is only one end, or goal for you to serve, and that is for you to pursue the best possible economic outcomes for your clients.

There is nothing else that matters…not your profit or whether you can buy something from them for very little, and later resell for a much higher price, or that you now have the opportunity to sell to and impress your dealer friends. (Read More Here)

Sui Dynasty Jade Shaman Deities

Excerpt: At only 3 1/2″ tall these Shaman figures still stand tall in the world of Asian Collectibles…Soft and easy features, but by that I do not mean to suggest that these figures were easy to carve, because they were not. Even today carving jade is a difficult and time consuming process, and as many as 1500 years ago when these four Shaman Figures were carved, the process was even more arduous. (Read More Here)

50,000 Years Old Cave Bear Skull

Excerpt: From the days of the Neanderthals these Cave Bears were fierce, awesomely strong and gloriously clever. They competed with early man for much the same food sources, so it is certain that clashes between our two species occurred with some regularity. (Read More Here)

$100,000.00 Rare French Doll by Albert Marque

Excerpt: Hold The Phone – Stop The Presses…Who Buys A Doll Like This? Rich Woman that’s who! And why not, if a guy with dough can buy a fancy watch for 100k, just to make his wrist look good on a golf course…I say, it’s just fine for a woman to purchase a fine specimen of a doll…(Read More Here)

Estate Sales? Auctions? Which Is Best?

Auctions are best when you have an item that has so much hidden or not so hidden value that it needs a larger marketplace of buyers in order to generate that value. Most things in most houses don’t have that kind of value.

Estate Sales are best when the professional you are dealing with correctly knows the difference between something that belongs in an Estate Sale and something that belongs in an auction – when Estate Liquidators can explain their research capacity, and can demonstrate with records their past successes combining estate sales with auction placement strategies. (Read More Here)

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All The Best Out There, and May You Find a Treasure…

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