Pair of American Aesthetic Movement Chairs

In Auction News: Pair of American Aesthetic Movement Chairs

David Rago Auctions Sells These Chairs For $390,400.00

Extra! Extra!

These Chairs were found in a boiler room…

Take a good long look at these chairs, nice enough right, especially now that you know that they sold for almost $400,000.00. It’s easy to think that these are a pair of very fine American Aesthetic Movement Chairs after you know what they sold for.

But take a closer look, notice the torn upholstery, the faded and scratched wood finish. The lack of original casters; the slightly split wood of the feet; where it appears that these chairs at one time or another may have stood in an inch or so of water.

Remember that Boiler Rooms aren’t where you find Treasures

Or is that Precisely Where You Should Look…?

Here’s The Back Story: A visitor to one of David Rago’s Appraisal days walked in carrying a bunch of photographs of all sorts of antiques. The pictures showed Bronzes, Ivories, Artwork and various other interesting antiques. There were no pictures of these chairs, because the person who brought in the pictures didn’t think the chairs were important enough to include.

Tom Martin and the Rago Arts and Auction Center Crew spent three days in the house cataloging and packing up the house. No one thought much of the chairs. They didn’t know yet. The chairs were in a boiler room for crying out loud, it’s dark in boiler rooms and basements.

To be Discovered, and Sell for $390,400.00?

It Was Essential That These Chairs Be Handled By Professionals

There are no experts who know everything!

A prepared mind favors chance: At a lesser Auction House than Rago Arts and Auction Center, these chairs would have sold for far less, maybe a $1,000.00. But because David Rago and staff are surrounded by a whole slew of great people, a greater community of experts and antiques enthusiast, one or two of them began to ask deeper questions about these chairs. And that got Tom Martin and likely as not David Rago himself to start to make further inquiries about these chairs.

Estate Liquidators and Small Auctioneers Take Note: It is very very important to surround yourself to the extent that you can, with as many experts, from as many disciplines as you can. Assume everything is worth a million dollars until it can be proven to be worth only .50 cents.

Written By:

Martin Codina

Image Source: Rago Arts and Auctions

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