Picasso Redux

Here is an email I received last night from the man who asked me to research his “Picasso Painting” click on the link to read that post first and then read Mike’s email.

Hi my name is Mike,

My wife and I are the one’s who inherited the Picasso painting. Wow we were very excited, when we read Picasso’s signature. I just knew we had something. I made a lot of phone calls, asking around.

I met this art dealer he took one look at the painting and said it’s the real thing. Before I even knew what was going on, he and his lawyer had a contract they wanted me to sign giving him a large percentage of the sale (RED FLAG).

I started looking around on my own. After talking to a number of people I met Mr. Martin Codina, best move I ever made. He seems to be a man who loves his work. It’s not about the money (all the work he did for us never charged a cent) it’s all about the find.

When we found out the painting was a copy, Martin was as disappointed as we were. We learned a lot from Mr. Codina. He’s not just an estate liquidator; he treats you as a friend. I have a lot of respect for him!!!


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