Pick an Estate Sales Professional – or be Picked by a “Pro”

Has all the “Good Stuff” already been found? Are Valuable Collectibles really no longer discovered at Estate Sales…?

“It’s not like it use to be.” “All the deals are gone.” “All the best stuff has already been found.” I hear these comments all the time from dealers. Mostly from old guys, who have been in the antique trade for years. They think all the frontiers have already been explored, but have they really?

I want to tell you a few stories…

1. Two years ago I went to a garage sale where I found a book by William S. Burroughs called The Naked Lunch. I bought it for $5.00 and sold it for $450.00.

2. Last year I went to a sale conducted by one of my main competitors. I purchased an old mask there, that had been made in Papua New Guinea. I bought it on the last day of their sale, for $25.00, and sold it for $850.00

I could go on and on…

If you are someone just getting into the antique trade, or are someone who wants to become a picker, try following these two links: Getting started as a picker and One pickers Strategy.

Here are a few Estate Sales niches…

1. Persian Carpets: Very few estate liquidation companies, or antique dealers, and even fewer homeowners understand Persian carpets; whether they are old, or new, and how much they are really worth. Here is a guy that does know, Thomas Cole. But don’t bother him with just any rug, he is a busy guy.

2. Old Paper: This is what people all over America are throwing away every day. In the trade it is called ephemera. Here is an interesting info link to Marty Weil’s ephemera blog site.

3. Books: The strategy of most estate liquidators with regards to books is the blanket pricing strategy. What I mean by this is, that they will price all hard cover, and soft cover books, for a set price. This is not a great strategy for maximizing the value of their books, but it is an effective way to “get rid” of a lot of books. As a picker, or a collector, you can buy some great books from these companies.

However please note: My company Fine Estate Liquidation does not follow this blanket pricing strategy. We choose instead to sort through books and research the ones we think have hidden values. Try this site for researching book values – ABE

The people who are making it in the antique and collectibles marketplace are the ones who are flexible enough to bend to its vagaries…

Homeowner Alert:

Find Estate Sales professionals in your area who are willing to work for you on a contingency basis. Find an antique ally; someone with years of experience who is willing to help you sort through your possessions, and sell them for what they are really worth.

And if you want to do it your self, order our “The Do it Yourself Estate Sales Guide”

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