Pre Button Steiff Skittles

Because I certainly don’t know everything about Steiff’s – Their values and such, I did a little research….

Who Knew Skittles Were Worth So Much? I didn’t

Set of Pre-Button Steiff Skittles Sold By Christie’s
£6,000 ($9,750.00 US)

My most favorite activity is learning about antiques and collectibles, and though I have been doing this Estate Sales and Antiques Business thing for a while now, it’s like almost everyday that I find myself surprised by what’s collectible, and how much it’s worth

These Are Pre-Button Stieff Skittles

Set Of Pre-Button Stieff Cat Skittles Sold By Noel Barrett
Date: 2004 ($8,000.00)

As usual it’s scarcity that adds dollars to the value of a collectibles…these Pre-Button Steiff Skittles are scarce, first because of their limited production, and because of how they were played with. I didn’t know what a Skittle was: It’s kinda like a bowling toy, you tossed a wooden ball toward these Skittles in much the same way you would roll a bowling ball towards bowling pins.

It’s a wonder that any of these in any condition survived.

Sometimes Steiff Skittles Hide In Atics

Steiff Pre-Button Bear Skittles Sold by Bonham’s
Date: 2004 ($4,400.00)

So as we do, us pickers, or collectors, now armed with better collecting knowledge, we will be on the look out for these. I know I will. I am thinking small regional auction houses or estate sales. How about you?

Here Are 8 Steiff Skittles Hiding On Ruby Lane


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For Sale Now In The Ruby Lane Shop of SteiffGal

I got the inspiration for this post while of course looking for something completely different. Somehow I landed on the Ruby Lane Page of SteiffGal Turns out she’s like a Stieff GuruFind Her on Face BookFind her on Twitter …she basically must live and breath Steiff because she’s all over the net…

Visit her and Follow Her For Information

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One thought on “Pre Button Steiff Skittles

  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

    For Steiff at least, the skittle “bowling ball” was actually made from felt, not wood. If it were wood, there’d be even fewer skittle sets around for sure!

    Cheers, Steiffgal

    (Thanks for the clarity Steiff Gal, and correction…Martin)

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