Quack Quack Went The Duck, Not The Doctor

Quack Medicine Machines Helped People Think They Could Beat The Odds

Quack Medicine Machines: Diagnosis of Fact or Fiction?

Remedy Advertising Thermometer Dirk Soulis Auctions
(Sold $110.00)

Since the dawn of time, people, even primitive people, have tried to better their odds at overcoming sickness…

But it wasn’t until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that they succeeded in fusing the future with the past in such a way that they produced a machine or the look of a machine, that could cure anything. Pills and potions, and little witch woman, had been the go to solutions for most people when they were ill, needed love, or some kind of extra curricular mind expansion. But those days were pretty much over once we all got the notion that science and technology could cure anything.

Quack Medicine Machines = Today’s Better Living Through Chemistry…

Ducks May Quack But Still Can’t Play Violins

Rare Violin Vibrophone Dirk Soulis Auctions
(Sold $2,400.00)

But those old time woman and bearded men, who once ministered to the ills that ailed us, those kind mothers and our helpful fathers, as nice and as practical as they were, more and more have been replaced by the ideas of science, of men and their machines…of electricity, of some sort of gadget. There must be some kinda magic, rather then right and clean living – I know! If we could only make some kind of machine.

Quack Medicine Machines: Attempts at jump starting hearts through circuitry…

My Eyes! Now They’ve Seen Everything!

Ideal Sight Restorer Massager Dirk Soulis Auctions
(Sold $60.00)

People, all of us; well face it, we are fairly gullible when we are in pain – especially when we are in pain. Panacea…give me a panacea…My entire paycheck for a Panacea! Oh this won’t hurt a bit…let’s just plug one of these in, wind that puppy up, and get a jolt of some of that new fangled health.

Quack Medicine Machines = Antique Better Mousetraps…

Quack Instruments, Cheaper Than House Calls

Terpezone Junior ModelĀ  Dirk Soulis Auctions
(Sold $100.00)

All of the above devices have now come to be known as Quack Medicine Machines or Instruments. But in their day, each had its proponents and detractors, people who swore to their effectiveness or decried against the quackery of Quack Medicine, and all its machinery.

Quack Medicine Machines = Shiny, and metallic objects hoping for health…

Martin Codina

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