Rare French Bisque Doll by Albert Marque

This Incredible and Oh So Rare Doll Is Coming Up For Auction

(Auction Estimate $125,000 – $185,000) Offered By Frasher’s Doll Auction

Hold The Phone – Stop The Presses…Who Buys A Doll Like This?

Rich Woman…That’s Who!

And why not, if a guy with dough can buy a fancy watch for 100k, just to make his wrist look good on a golf course…I say, it’s just fine for a woman to purchase a fine specimen of a doll…

This Albert Marque Bisque Doll

Is At The Top Of Any Doll Collectors Shopping List

The Auction Date Is July 9, 2011

Pickers Alert: Wish I knew where to tell you to try and find a doll like this, but I am sure you already know…Dolls are big business…look and look again…there are many dolls out there in the $500.00 to $1,000.00 range that can be had for a few dollars…

Doll Collecting: The Queen Of Collectibles!

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All The Best To You, And Happy Picking…

Martin Codina

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