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Learn about the wonderful and rare world of Antiques and Collectibles and gain useful information about how experts determine values by using this guide.

In total, this guide will connect you to more than 500 “Antique and Collectibles Experts”

Want to find out about Sterling Silver, Antique Washing Machines or an antique that is truly obscure, like Antique X-Ray Tubes? Tired of paying to look up basic price and value information about Antiques and Collectibles? Want to get a handle on understanding what you have?

The first thing to remember is that researching Antiques is a process…

Even for someone like me who has been in the Estate Sales and Antiques and Collectibles business for almost 15 years. It takes work, and it takes time, especially if you do not have access to information. Information is everything, and without it you can make some terrible mistakes, such as selling your precious heirlooms for too little.

Over the years I bookmarked many sites about Antiques and Collectibles…

I patiently saved these sites into files on my desktop. But it all got kind of confusing, which file they were in, how to easily access them and so on.

So I hit on the bright idea of creating a data base of the best antiques and collectibles research sites I had found, and then offering them to my readers as a complimentary guide.

None of these Sites about Antiques and Collectibles have paid me a dime

I have included them because at some time or another I found their information to be useful in establishing a value for an antique on behalf of my company or one of our many clients.

I have culled through 1000’s of websites, read countless descriptions about antiques and collectibles, and enjoyed the visuals of so many antiques it would make the head of a mall shopper spin like an Antique Robot…in the process I also found the gems…

These Antiques and Collectibles Links are My Public Service to You

Enjoy them, and enrich yourself with their information. I always want this information to be useful to others, if you find some category or other to be under represented, let us know. We will review your suggestions, and if we aggree with you, we will add them to this list.

Good Luck Out There – Happy Hunting…

Martin, Valetta, and The Fine Estate Staff


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