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Absinthe’s origins are in Switzerland. Sometime in the mid to late 1800’s it gain a wide spread popularity in France especially amongst the literati and within various artistic communities, spilling into the streets of Parisian Cafe Society, and eventually spreading its spirit around the world.

Collectors tip for Absinthe: Look for posters, postcards, old Absinthe bottles, Spoons, Fountains etc…

Absinthe at the Virtual Absinthe Museum

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Absinthe Spoons at The Virtual Absinthe Museum
Les Grillagees

Frequently Asked Questions About Absinthe


Definition: One of the first forms of photography. An Albumen Print is a photographic process which uses a glass negative to print a photograph onto a piece of paper which has been coated with egg whites. Most Cabinet Cards and Carte de Vistes have used this sort of process.
Albumen Photographs – History

Chicago Albumen Works

J. Cosmas Vintage Photography

American Silver

American Sterling Silver: Perhaps the most famous American Silversmith was Paul Revere. But there are a dozen or so other highly sought after American Silversmiths, as well as countless other silver makers who plied their craft in cities like Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

American Sterling Silver Marks

Silver Collection – More American Marks

Chicago Silver – A comprehensive guide to American sterling silver flatware

Collectors Tip: Learn the difference between American and British hallmarks. Also, there are many antique dealers who don’t fully understand American Silversmiths Makers Marks. This could be a way for you to earn a couple extra bucks.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Authentic Ancient Egyptian Jewelry and
Egyptian Artifacts

Collectors Tip: Do thorough research before making a
large purchase, fakes abound and are costly.

Antique Articles

Only the Passionate will Succeed In the Antiques Business

Unless you Adapt to the Internet,
your Antiques business is gonna Die!

Access: Here’s a link to our articles about
Antiques and Estate Sales

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow

Collectors Tip: While watching this show will teach you a
great deal, it’s definitely not the same as getting out in the
trenches to flea markets and estate sales.

Antonio Pineda Taxco Silver

Antonio Pineda Sterling Tigers Eye Cufflinks With Photos, Makers Mark and Price Realized

Appliances – Antique

Antique Washing Machines
Automatic Washer
Stove Burners
Good Time Stove Company

Collectors Tip: When buying an antique stove make sure
that it has been properly restored. If it has not, factor in its
restoration cost as part of your purchase offer.


International Society of Appraisers
American Society of Appraisers

Tip For Heirs and Executors: Appraisals can be very
expensive. Ask for a written estimate before agreeing to an


Marvin 3M
Logan’s Arcade
Vintage Vending Blog

Pickers Tip: Look for ephemera and arcade games
spare parts. These are always in short supply, and the big
collectors are almost always in the market for them.


Architectural Antiques & Salvage, Restoration Supplies, etc.
Bay Area Salvage List
Olde Good Things – Architectural Salvage & Altered Antiques
Old House Parts
Salvage One
Urban Remains Chicago

Collectors Tip: Measure and measure again, there is
nothing worse then buying an old house part that does not fit

Arms and Armory

Civil War Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolvers Found
in New York
(Our Article)

Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons

Lions Gate Firearms Link Page
Lions Gate Swords and Firearms
Ron Ruble Enterprises
U.S. Military Knives

Bayonets, Knives, Swords and Tsuba

Bayonets of Scandinavia
British Bayonet Markings
Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
Japanese Bayonets
Ron Ruble Enterprises
The Bayo-Hunter

Our Arms and Armory Articles

Civil War Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolvers Found in New York

Collectors Tip: Understand the law before buying or selling
an antique firearm. Also, many times it is better to have a
qualified auctioneer appraise your old firearms for sale at auction
than to sell them privately or to a dealer.


Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art

Artist Research Sites

Art Fact
Ask Art

Sellers Tip: The value of art on the secondary market is
pegged to their realized sale prices at auction. So their
auction sales prices are your starting point for ascribing

Art Restoration
Atlanta Oil Painting Restoration

How to Sell Your Art At An Estate Sale

How To Sell Contemporary Art (Our Article)

Museum of Bad Art
The Museum of Bad Art

Nose Cone Art

Save The Girls

USAF Nose Cone Art

Collectors Tip: Look for these in the scrapbooks you find at
estate sales and flea markets. Many of these contain hidden

Outsider Art

Raw Vision

Trend Observation: Outsider Art will continue to attract
attention and gain in value. Many collectors are looking for art
outside the “Mainstream” – maintaining that this art has an
expressive quality not always found in art produced by the
so called “Academy.”

Pin Up Art by Artist

History of Pin Up Art

Collectors Tip: Antique and Vintage Pin Up Art is never trashy.
It has a quality that bridges the line between sexy and innocence.

Antique Prints and Botanical’s

Arts and Crafts Site

Collectors Weekly

Arts and Crafts Copper

Marks of Makers of Copper and Brass Wares
Roycroft and Other Arts and Craft Coppersmiths

Arts and Crafts Silver

Arts and Crafts Silver Marks
Chicago Silver
Hand Wrought Arts and Crafts Silver

Collectors Tip: When it comes to Arts and Crafts furniture,
take care that the piece you’re looking at is an original.
Learn the difference between a piece that has been refinished
and one that has not been refinished.

Art Deco


Art Pottery

Clarice Cliff Back Stamps

Just Art Pottery
McCoy Potterymarks
Newcomb College
Roseville Pottery

Collectors Tip: Learn to identify back stamps and makers marks.

Asian Antiques


Asian Antiques Research Sites

Japanese and Chinese Antiques

J Collector

Japanese Dolls, Textiles, Ceramics

Asian Art By Kyoko

Japanese Silver

Hartman Rare Art


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