Vintage Bakelite To Antique Buttons


To understand Antiques and Collectibles it is important to conduct research. This page will help you find information about Bakelite to Buttons.


Baccarat Crystal Figurine of a Whale With Photos, Makers Mark and Price Realized



Collectors Tip: There are three ways to test Bakelite:
The Rubbing, Hot Water, or Hot Needle Test. Find out

Ball Black & Co. Sterling

Medallion Ice Cream Slice, With Photos, Makers Mark and Price Realized


1001 Banjos The Tsumura Collection (Our Article)

Thumbnail Review: Hands down, there is no greater
book on the planet that details with pictures and text
the splendor that is the American banjo than the book
“One Thousand and One Banjos,” by Akira Tsumura


Langley Antique Beds

Beer Cans

Can Of The Month

Bellova Lamps

Look For Bellova Lamps at Estate Sales (Our Article)


Jim Langley Bicycle Aficionado
Mr. Columbia

I once Had A Vintage Red Bicycle (Our Article)

Sellers Tip: Take care and do your research. There are
Antique Bicycles out there that are worth a small fortune.
Condition is everything, however some bikes, though they
are in poor repair, may still be worth money, if only for their


Book Dealers

ABAA – Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association
of America

Antiquarian Book Dealers and Associations

Bernard Quaritch Antiquarian booksellers

ABA Antiquarian Booksellers Association

Ursus Books and Prints

Sellers Tip: Do your research, but don’t be surprised if
your results don’t match their offers. There are so
many nuances to determining the value of a book, that
it’s hard for a layperson to get them all right.

Cook Books

Find Vintage Cookbooks at Estate Sales (Our Article)

Book Research

Abe Books



Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920


Digital Librarian Book Collecting and Book History

Collectors Tips: Books are one of those collecting
categories that most Antique Dealer don’t understand.
So buying books at flea markets and estate sales, and
even at auctions can be a great way to earn hefty


Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie

Childrens Books

UFDC Home – Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature

Praise: If only for its sheer beauty, I would love this site.
But it’s also because they have the goods. One of the best,
don’t hesitate – visit this site; where you can view the best
in Antique Children’s books from cover to cover.

Grabhorn Press

Fine Press Limited Edition Books with Original Art Arion Press

Vintage Paperbacks

Paperbacks Galore

Observation: Mostly what makes a Vintage Paperback
valuable is the cover not the content. There are notable
exceptions, finding out what those exceptions are though
is the difference between expertise and luck.


American Bottle Auctions
Bottle Basics
Historic Bottle Website
Mouth Blown Dating

Bottle Cleaning and Repair

The Glass Artisan


Paul Maddens Antique Boxes


Reserved Items Heavyweight Collectibles – Boxing Memorabilia

Welcome to Heavyweight Collectibles! Heavyweight Collectibles –
Boxing Memorabilia

Bronze (Our Article)

The Male Figure Cast As Bronze

Observation: It seems a fact, although I haven’t fully
tested it out, that female nudes sell for more on average
than male nudes.


Vintage Cowboy Buckles

Business Machines

Antique Typewriters – The Martin Howard Collection
Our Article About Martin Howard

Calculator Company List
Comptometer Biography of a Machine
The Classic Typewriter Store

The Early Office Museum
Read Our Review Of The Early Office Museum

Tips and Thoughts: Antique Office Machinery is an up and
coming collectible. Look for the unusual though, and when
you find it at a price you can afford, buy it – there are lots
of people looking for these.

Burl Bowl

Available Here:

Late 18th Century Burl Bowl

Here is a fine example of an early burl bowl that we have for sale. In general, Burl Bowls represent some of the finest Pioneer or Native American craftsmanship, when it comes to how to make a large wooden bowl without the aid of a mechanical lathe.


Button Sampler
Lacy Glass Buttons


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2 thoughts on “Vintage Bakelite To Antique Buttons

  1. How would I find the value of very small antique bathtubs (I kept 3) that came from an old hotel in Livingston, MT when it was renovated?

    I read of your site in Antique Trader and I thank you for your generous attitude in helping people that are novice’s in the area of antiques and estate sales. I will depend upon your advice.

  2. Hello Beth,

    Thanks for the visit…

    If I had your small bathtubs, and I was trying to figure out their value, I would start by taking some photos of them, and sending them to Architectural Salvage Yards in your area…There’s Ridgeway in Livingston…they might be able to help…

    If they can’t, maybe they can point you in the right direction…

    Good Luck


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