Old Cameras to Collectible Czechoslovakia


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Antique Cameo Dot Net

Thumbnail Review: Antique Cameo.Net is one of those sites
that has been put together by an absolute antiques expert,
in this case by someone who is an expert in Antique Cameos.
But the site itself may try your patience, it has a very long
and scrolling intro before you can see what you came there
to see. And what you will see are some of the internet’s finest
cameos, as expensive in price as they are dazzling in quality.


Antique Wood Cameras

Collectors Tip: To find out about other Antique Camera
values, and how to identify cameras, there is not a better
book than the Mckeown’s Price Guide to Antique and
classic camera.

Carnival Glass

David Doty Carnival Glass 

Over 1000 Patterns of Glass to Help you Identify your Pieces (An awesome site)


1967 Plus Morgan

Our Article: When we signed the contract for this estate sale,
the owner casually stated “Oh by the way there is a 1967
Morgan Plus 4 in the garage that we just brought over from
storage that we would like you to include in the sale…”
That was fun!

Cash Registers

Antique Cash Registers
Brass Cash Register
Meeker’s Antique Cash Registers
The Brass Cash Register Shop
Vintage Cash Register Company

Observation: Anyone getting into this side of the Antiques
business should have a strong back as well as a love of
shining brass.

Celebrity Collectibles

Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix
Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Dress
Josephine Baker Antique Collectibles

Our Articles: Read about the values of Jimi Hendrix’s Pants,
Audrey Hepburns Wedding Dress, and how much Josephine
Baker collectibles can go for.

Charm Bracelets

Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelets

Our Store: Here are some Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets we are selling that you can compare yours too.

Because Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets Tell Stories (Our Article)

Childrens Books

Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature


China Makers Marks

Franciscan Marks
Hall China
Capo Di Monte

Dining Car China

Dining Car Items
Railroad Commissary Catalog
The New Haven RR

Nippon Pottery Backstamps

INCC Back Stamps

Collectors Tip: When it comes to antiques and collectible
china as well as almost any other category of antiques –
it’s all about the makers marks.

Cigar Bands and Labels

Astral Inc.
Cigar Bands
Cigarbox Labels

Read Our Review Of Cigar Box Labels.Com

Hyman’s National Cigar Museum
In Stone, Inc.
The Cigar Label Gazette
Up-in-Smoke Cigar Band Museum

Dealer Tip: Guys smoke cigars – they don’t have many
kinds of collectibles that warm their hearts like the tip of
an old stoggie as much as a fine old label, band or some
other cigar smoking accouterments.

Antique Cigar Cutter

An Ivory Cigar Cutter, and Other Antique Cigar Stuff
In our Store Now

Cigar Label Price List

In Stone Inc.


Smoke em if ya got em: Cigarette Collectibles (Our Article)

Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff Collectors Club


Antiquarian Horological Society
Antique Clocks Price Guide
Antique Longcase Clocks London
Barrie’s Clock Pictures Links
Gutlin Antique Clocks
Jan and Company
Liberty’s Antiques Clocks


Dress That Man Vintage Fashions
Dorothea’s Closet
Hats – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tri-State Antique Center’s Vintage

Collectors Tip: Want to find vintage fashion that’s affordable?
Don’t want to pay vintage clothing store prices? Best bet is
to go an estate sale, or a flea market – sometimes even The
Goodwill. The only drawback to this is it takes a lot more
time to gather to yourself a vast and varied wardrobe. But
it will be well worth it….

Cowboy Collectibles

Gene Autry Cowboy Guitar by Emenee Industries (Our Article)


Coin Dealers

Coin Site

Coin Grading

PCGS – Price Guide


Exonumia Tokens


ABC Coins and Tokens
Conder Tokens
Conders for Sale
The Copper Corner
VCoins Cheapside Tokens

World Coins

World Coins Links

Observation: One day after pondering the way that coins
escalate in value and far exceed their original denominative
value I hit upon at least one reason that coin collecting is
so compelling – It’s a way to own money that’s more
valuable than money.


Antique .800 Silver & Enamel Compact, Courting Scene With Photos, Makers Mark and Price Realized

Costume Jewelery

Bakelite and Plastic Museum
How to test Bakelite
Essex Crystal
Illusion Jewels
Milky Way Jewels

Costume Jewelry Makers Marks

Bitz of Glitz
Morning Glory Jewelry
Researching Costume Jewelry History


Antique Creamware Wine Bottle Coasters, Italian With Photos, Makers Mark and Price Realized

Cut Glass

House of Brilliant Cut Glass

Observation: One day and I do not know when, American
Brilliant Cut Glass is going to come back into fashion. But
until then, it’s a buyers market for these awesome and
incredible glass artifacts. In my mind at least, this is one of
those kinds of collectibles that is long over due to experience
a price resurgence.


Made in Czechoslovakia


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