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To understand Antiques and Collectibles it is important to conduct research. This page will help you find information about Faberge to Furniture.


An Excellent Article To Aid in Identifying Faberge
Romanov Russia.Com – Faberge and Other Russian Objects
How to tell if a Faberge piece is a Fake

Collectors Tips: Learn your Makers Marks. Deal only with reputable dealers.

Featherweight Sewing Machines

Graham Forsdyke

Fee Based Price Guides

Ask Art
Prices 4 Antiques

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Bakertowne Collectibles
Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Beswick
Goebel Co-Boys Figurines
Hummel Figurines
The art of Dating Bing and Grondahl

Collectors Tip: Look for the early Marks for Hummel’s, their values will either sustain themselves or increase in the future.


Thomas Turner and Sons Fly Fishing and Reels

Flatware Identification

Flatware Use Guide (What is this piece used for?)

Flow Blue

A Great Article About Flow Blue

Observation: I know that my opinion won’t be popular, but I don’t get Flow Blue…the designs seem too hazy to be called decorative. But hey, I collect Ethnographic Art, a category of collecting that’s not at the top of a lot of peoples collecting list…so what do I know?



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