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To understand Antiques and Collectibles it is important to conduct research. This page will help you find information about Antique Jewelry to Jukeboxes.

Jaeger LeCoultre

Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Marina Clock With Price Realized


Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

World Wide Store

Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry University

Thumbnail Review: A research site about all things jewelry, from the ancient to the present, with all major movements thoroughly and wonderfully described. A great place to start your research.

Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau Jewelery

Pierre Bex

Please Note: We included this site more to show you what to look out for in Art Deco jewelry reproductions than as a site where you can research values. Having stated that, its also a great place to see hundreds of Art Deco jewelry design ideas.


Bakelite Museum

How to test Bakelite

Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry Makers Marks

Bitz of Glitz

Morning Glory Jewelry

Researching Costume Jewelry History

Costume Jewelry Resources and Sales

Milky Way

Thumbnail Review: Cheri and Rocky are more than just dealers, they also are very good at research, and because of this, their site is not only a great place to purchase an elegant piece of Vintage Costume Jewelry, it’s also a great place to conduct research. Check out their many links to other sites as well.

Essex Crystal

Essex Crystal

Pickers Tips: I am certain that most Estate Sales People and maybe even many of the small regional auctioneers around the country have no idea what an Essex Crystal is. They can be worth big bucks, stay on the look out for them, and happy hunting.

Gemstone Identification

World of Gemstones

Navajo Jewelry

Handmade Castle Dome Turquoise

Nevada Gem

Stone Mountain Turquoise

Observation: Native American Jewelry, especially Vintage or Antique Native American Jewelry, at least in the experience of this writer, just doesn’t get the respect and attention that it deserves. It seems to have a thirty to fifty year popularity cycle. And given that the last time that it was wildly popular was in The Sixties it may well be time for this category of Jewelry to experience an upswing in values.

Spratling Jewelry

Spratling Silver

John Bettridge English Silver

John Bettridge English Silver Ivory Handle Cheese Scoop

Josephine Baker (Our Article)

The Incomparable Josephine Baker

Juice Reamers

National Reamers Collector Association


The Jukebox Man


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