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Magazine Cover Art

Cover Art from Pulp Magazines

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Magazine Art

Makers Marks

American Silver Marks

Index of Initial Marks

Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks

Sterling Flatware Fashions & Facts

Arts and Craft Silver Marks

Arts and Crafts Antiques

Chicago Silver — Arts & Crafts Marks 2

Chicago Silver — Main Index

Arts and Crafts Metal Makers Marks

Arts and Crafts Shopmarks

Bing & Grondahl Makers Marks

Dating Bing and Grondahl Marks

China Makers Marks

Franciscan Marks

Hall China

Capo Di Monte

Nippon Pottery Backstamps

INCC Back Stamps

Clarice Cliff Backstamps

Clarice Cliff Collectors Club

Coppersmiths Makers Marks

Old Copper Index Of Makers Marks

Costume Jewelry Makers Marks

Bitz of Glitz

Morning Glory Jewelry

Researching Costume Jewelry History

Danish Sterling Marks

A. Michelsen Christmas Spoons

Doll Makers Marks

Doll Reference Antique to Vintage Dolls 1800-1970’s

German Porcelain and China Makers Marks

PM&M – German and related porcelain marks

German Silver Marks

Meestertekens van Friese goud

Glass Makers Marks

Glassware Maker’s Marks

Hummel Makers Marks

Bakertowne Collectables

Hummel Figurines

Info about Sterling Marks

Basic Hallmarks Identification

Identifying English, Irish And Scottish Silver by Silver Plus

Japanese Silver Marks

Hartman Rare Art, Inc.Japanese Silver

Porcelain and Pottery Trade Marks

20th Century Chinese Porcelain Marks

Liberty’s Antiques Quimper Marks

McCoy Pottery Marks

Newcomb Pottery Markings

Pottery Marks Explaied

Pottery Makers Marks

The Roseville Pottery Exchange

Scandinavian Silver Makers Marks

Scandinavian Silver Makers Marks

Stein Marks

Mettlach Marks

Stein Marks

Tool Makers Marks

Trademarks and Logos

World Silver Marks

Mystery Sterling Marks

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks

Silver Mine British Hallmarks and Silver


Andreas Cellarius Harmonia

Antique Maps


Collectible Marbles.Com
John’s Antique Marbles

Vintage Marbles Size No 5 Hatchet Axe Circa 1930s Our Article

Antique And Vintage Marbles (Our Article)

Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar: A Love Story, and an Auction (Our Article)


Houghton’s Railcovers

Matchbox Art

Matl (Taxco Silver Maker)

Taxco Sterling Silver Picture Frame by MATL and Richard Salas With Price Realized

Mechanical Antiques


Medals and Decorations


Give that man a medal (Our Article)

Medal Dealers



Medals and Decoration Research

Ben Weiss Collection: Historical and Commemorative Medals

British Orders, Decorations and Medals

Christopher Eimer Medals and Medallic Art

Fleet Air Arm Gallantry Awards

Imperial Russia

LINK page to Military Orders

Medal Net

Medals By Country Guide

Russian Glory

The OMSA Medal Database


Early Visual Media


Alex Peck Medical Antiques

American Civil War Surgical Antiques

Medical Antiques and Vintage Surgical


Arts and Crafts Metal Makers Marks

Coppersmiths Makers Marks

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse: Poor Church Mouse Makes Good! (Our Article)

Microscope Makers

19th C. American Microscope Makers

Mid Century Modern

Chris Kennedy Antiques

Eames Collector

Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Lushpad

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Sources


Military Links

Trench Art An Illustrated History


Mining Artifacts


Minton Majolica Oyster Plate Pink With Price Realized

Mourning Jewelry

Art of Mourning

George Washington Mourning Jewelry (Our Article)

Things Gone By – Mourning Jewelry Museum

Musical Instruments

Vintage Guitars Info

Articles About Musical Instruments

000-42 Martin Guitar: A Love Story, and an Auction


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