Reviews of Liquidating an Estate

Reviews of Liquidating an Estate

Liquidating an Estate Book Cover

“Liquidating an Estate” Is Now Available From: 

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Here’s what others have to say about our new book “Liquidating an Estate”


I highly recommend this book for anyone who has an elderly parent or loved one with a lifetime of belongings. Not only does the author provide good advice but the book also helps to put you in the right frame of mind to deal with a challenging situation.
A review from an Amazon Reader: More Amazon Reviews

Q: Question: You’ve inherited a pile of stuff and have no clue if any of it is trash or treasure. You don’t want to pay for an appraiser. What should you do?

1) Toss it and be done. 2) Send everything to a consignment shop. 3) Hold a garage/yard sale and guess on prices. 4) None of the above.

A: In “Liquidating an Estate: How to Sell a Lifetime of Stuff, Make Some Cash and Live to Tell About It” (Krause, $18.99), author Martin Codina suggests “4”. To find out what is saleable, contact several estate liquidators. They’ll comb through everything and make the call. The book walks readers through the process. Be aware that estate sales are only one way to dispose of unwanted “stuff.”
Danielle Arnet Writing for her column in the Chicago Tribune.

Martin Codina says: “Surprise treasures may look unassuming, common, or even ugly. They might be found in plain sight or extracted from deep within layers of what anybody else in their right mind would consider pure junk…” Martin should know; he’s the Indiana Jones of estate sales. If there is treasure to be found in an estate, Martin will find it.
Wayne Jordan Writing in an article published on Worthpoint 

“The book has a pleasant style (important for such a weighty subject), and outlines clearly how to evaluate and sell the contents of an estate, from silver to linens to (yes) clothing. It’s also full of fascinating stories about estate sales past.”
Jesse Thorn Writing for Put This On (He’s also the host of the NPR Show “Bullseye”

“Codina, who started an estate-liquidation company in California more than two decades ago, reveals how to tell the difference between treasure and trash. He serves up sane advice on how to avoid many of the common mistakes that can cost you money and, if you choose to do so, how to pick the right estate-sales or auction company to be your advocate.”
Larry Cox Antiques Advice Columnist for the Arizona Republic

“Plenty of websites offer instruction in running a sale but few give you much guidance about whether you should or not. Martin Codina, author of the book “Liquidating An Estate,” says you should consider running your own sale if you have possessions valued at less than $5,000 and are confident that you know what your things are worth.”
Mark Huffman writing for Consumer Affairs

“I’ve been an auctioneer and estate specialist for over 20 years, and I’ve read more than a dozen books on the subject. “Liquidating an Estate” by Martin Codina is the only book I believe to be a thorough and honest assessment of what’s involved in liquidating an estate. Mr. Codina covers not just the “how to” of the job, but the emotional aspects as well. Along the way, he treats the subject matter with respect and humor. He’s been in the business long enough to have a personal story for every topic. I like this book very much, and I heartily recommend it.”
Wayne Jordan Writing an Amazon Review (Wayne is the author of The Business of Antiques: How to Succeed in the Antiques World)

The thing I liked best about this book is Codina’s Antiques Roadshow-esque stories about fabulous objects he has found and sold. Silver coins under rat poop! Fillmore West posters hidden in between building materials! Golden daggers! You get the idea. It’s a book that has some useful information about how to get rid of a lifetime’s worth of stuff, too. It demystifies the process of dealing with estate liquidators, auction houses and the like.
Good Reads Review 

“In Liquidating an Estate, Martin Codina generously offers a road map to the otherwise uncharted world of estate liquidation. With careful thought and consideration, Codina strikes a tone that effectively brings light to the industry and opens the doors to a conversation long overdue. This kind of transparency is what levels the playing field and allows executors the ability to navigate the process with solid footing and understanding.” “I’m making the book assigned reading for my entire staff.”
Todd Hughes of Hughes Estate Sales

Biggest frustration I experience now, almost daily, is how many families leave money on the table because they just don’t get the process or understand the importance of our service which you emphasize on nearly every page of your book.
Derek Manz of Blue Velvet Exchange Estate Sales

Reviews of Liquidating an Estate

Liquidating an Estate Book Cover

“Liquidating an Estate” Is Now Available From: 

AmazonBarnes and Noble or iTunes

Paperback $14.50 – eBook $9.99

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