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Upcoming San Francisco Estate Sale

Estate Sale

610 Clipper St. #4 San Francisco

Sat. Feb. 16 and Sun. Feb. 17
10:00am – 5:00pm

3 Persian rugs, Antique tiger oak serpentine breakfront, Regulator wall clock, Victorian mantle clock, Large tree panel Japanese woodblock print, Water buffalo horns, Vintage reverse glass painted shade with original bronze base, Vintage wicker side or what-not table, Maxfield Parrish print with original blue and gilt frame, Antique oak dinning table with 6 oak press-back chairs – original finish to table, Spoolwork clerk’s or students desk, Large tabletop pieces of pink or red coral, Heart shaped white coral, Antique carved church pew, Many collectibles, Books, TV, Stereo, Tools, Kitchen, Trunk…and more.

Two Items of Special Interest:

1.) Painting By Snowflake: Here is a brief Bio excerpted from an email sent to me by the executor.

Snowflake was part of a group of very talented post-hippie-era gays who spent much time at the Ambush, which was far more of a cultural institution than it was a bar. They had art exhibits openings every two weeks. Chuck Arnett, who I referred to in my email to Gayle, was another regular and his gay leather mural at the old Tool Box appeared in Life magazine’s Gay in America special issue back in 1964 (I believe), and has become an icon.

Snowflake was the most artistic of the crew. He was also the consummate showman. His openings were always an event. One time he came dressed as Toulouse-Lautrec with top hat and monocle, and shuffled around on his knees all evening.

Descriptions of this painting:

Name Rainbow Cash Register:

The Ambush had a transom window over the door that the afternoon sun came thru’, & someone hung a crystal in that window. As time passed, other people added crystals, then it became a bigger deal, & someone built a frame to hold all of the hanging crystals, & then the frame was moved in front of the transom throughout the year so that the crystals always caught the sunlight. Jim said that when you stepped into the pitch black establishment (don’t know if the interior was painted black [YES], or just seemed that dark after coming in from the daylight), the bar would be bathed in rainbows from the sunlight hitting the crystals — hence the Snowflake painting ‘Rainbow Cash Register’ (can’t remember if that’s its ‘official’ name, or just what we call it). Jim said that from the place where Snowflake sat at the bar, that’s the view he would have had of the cash register, etc.

2.) Gay Viet-Nam Protest Poster – Protesting the Mai Lai massacre.

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