Schaubach Kunst – Semi Antique Porcelains Of Elegance

The Beauty of the Female Form Revealed in Porcelain

….Sold by Point Pleasant Galleries for $275.00 …………………….Sold by Tring Market Auctions for $300.00

Reading Auction Wally’s recently I discovered Schaubach Kunst Porcelain Figures. I was impressed to find them so affordable, beautiful and collectible.

The Schaubach-Kunst Company Exalted the Feminine Form

…Ok, maybe they are exaggerated and stylized a bit…

Sold by The DuMouchelles Auction Co. for an estimated hammer of $150.00

Often times on these pages I go on and on about some super high value item, and those can seem out of reach to the average person. Like in my last post I wrote about collectible marbles – I mean one of those went for over $4,000.00. But these beauties, so graceful and evocative of youth and charm can be purchased for relatively modest amounts.

Schaubach Kunst Porcelain Figures Stand Tall

…princess of grace, youth and beauty…

Sold by Antique Helper For $140.00

Schaubach Kunst Porcelain Figures are completely within most collectors budgets, especially if you can find them in some of the smaller regional auction houses. If you are an online seller, look for these wherever you can, and if you can get them at a good price, buy them. Online shops seem to be selling these for approximately double the price that the smaller auction houses are getting.

Here’s another Schaubach Kunst Resource Site

…there is much too admire here…

More Schaubach Kunst German Porcelain Figures Here:

Good Luck Out There!

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4 thoughts on “Schaubach Kunst – Semi Antique Porcelains Of Elegance

  1. Wow, these ARE lovely.

    Love the greyhound and woman’s form together, always have.

    These remind me much of a small figurine we have now at

    Alas, it’s in resin, but the form, flow, and design, just wonderful.

    The figures and prices you show are certainly very reasonable… this looks like something we’d keep an eye out for, I think underpriced, aren’t they?

    (after the last tweet on marbles, what’ll you come up with this time Martin, that Vince enjoyed your post because …………? LOL , can’t wait to see it)



  2. Vince, I aggree they seem under priced…and not too many of these around…All The Best To You – Martin

  3. Honestly, these are just lovely. And you are so right – how little this seems. People some times ask me what things are worth – and the answer at the end of the day is really what someone will pay.


  4. Tracy –

    Of course you are right about prices and the marketplace, still these seem a bargain.

    The wonderful thing to me is still even after all of these years in the business, I am still
    finding new things to marvel at…

    Take Care…


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