Emmanuel Villanis Bronze Phryne

Emmanuel Villanis Bronze of Phryne

bronze by Emmanuel Villanis Phryne IMG_9858

Emmanuel Villanis Bronze of Phryne:

Circa: Late 1800’s
Size/Weight/Mark: 25″ High13″ Across Shoulders

5.5  6.5″ At Base


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Total Item Description:

This bronze is in great overall condition.

Cold Painted Bronze: Slight scoff of finish on tip of nose.

It is a bronze sculpture by  Emmanuel Villanis and cast at the Societe des Bronzes Parise.

The Image is of Phryne…

According to Wikipedia: Phryne, when accused of profaning the Eleusinian mysteries, she was defended by the orator Hypereides, one of her lovers. When it seemed as if the verdict would be unfavourable, he tore open her robe and displayed her breasts, which so moved her judges that they acquitted her. According to others, she herself removed her clothing. The judges’ change of heart was not simply because they were overcome by the beauty of her nude body, but because physical beauty was often seen as a facet of divinity or a mark of divine favor during those times.

Sculptor Emmanuel Villanis was born in Lille, December 12, 1858 of Italian parents. After the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, in March 1861, the Villanis returned to their country and settled in Piedmont.

(Product Photos: Valetta Ciarla)

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One thought on “Emmanuel Villanis Bronze Phryne

  1. I have seen and bought a Large and expensive Sculpture from Martin Codina. The reason I purchased the Bronze Sculptor over the Internet is by the Very Professional manner Martin handled the transaction and the Great Internet Site that was very detailed to see everything that was need to buy with confidence. If there were any questions they were answered promptly.

    The Sculpture was packed and shipped Extremely Well and was shipped cross country as though it was shipped 10 miles away. Hats off to Martin and I would recommend Him to anyone for my Great Experience and follow through.


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