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Fine Estate Visits Sin City Pickers in Las Vegas!

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Recently while in Las Vegas I had the experience of shopping at Sin City Pickers, an Antiques and Collectibles store owned by a very savvy and cool woman named Bonnie. Jason T Smith, and Bryan Goodman have a space in her store. If those two names sound familiar it may be because you have seen them traveling the country, while a Spike TV crew films their mad  dash crazy  shopping sprees for the show called Thrift Hunters.

Sin City Pickers Offers Vegas its Own Eclecticism

Kook is as Kook Wears

Kook is as Kook Wears

The range of collectibles and semi antiques to be found in the store is as varied as any competent index of antiques and collectibles you might find at the back of an Antique Trader price guide book.

It’s all here, want an antique phone? They got it. Want to find an endless variety of costume jewelry? They have that too. Tiki Stuff, old radios, and Hawaiian shirts are displayed attractively alongside such stalwarts of collectibility as China, fine jewelry and furniture.

Sin City Pickers Has Colorful Stuff!


Las Vegas Multi Colored Dream Horse

Color is everywhere, the kind of kitschy color you find in the 1950’s homes of your grandmothers and grandfathers, or in your uncle Earl’s basement bar diorama with its still life party of paper hats and New Years Eve whistles.

Here you will find every kind of cookie jar, captioned mug, knick-knack or patty wack festooning its shelves and or buried in the corners of its many booth spaces. But this is not a messy place. No way! This place, even though its inventory may have come from multiple middle class houses piled high with jumble, is a very well ordered store. Thanks I am guessing to the able efforts of the stores staff, led by Bonnie.

Sin City Pickers Has Steampunk Too

Radiohead Dancing or Twerking? You Decide...

Radiohead Dancing or Twerking? You Decide…

Upstairs they are creating a shrine/store to steam punk. This just adds to the quirky nature of the place. There you will find repurposed and or castaway objects composed into items of curiosity. Nuts and bolts attached to old picture frames holding images at once familiar, but really something new… Steam punk is a way of connecting old-time technological achievements with contemporary ideas about art.

Jason T Smith Reads our book “Liquidating an Estate”

Jason, Thanks for reading our book...

Jason, Thanks for reading our book…

Thanks Jason, for helping to create a great Las Vegas antiques shopping experience. Sin City Pickers is a store, that on one hand stands distant from the glitter of its casinos, while at the same time still honors its bygone ethos.

Sin City Pickers
Address: 10 W Wyoming Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 366-9166
Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where to Purchase Our Book "Liquidating an Estate"

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