Sink Your Teeth Into Antiques

Sink Your Teeth Into Antiques and Collecting

Antique Dental Model From: Phisick Medical Antiques

We have to eat because we are so very hungry – like everyday 365 days a year. And we have to have variety, we don’t want to eat the same thing everyday…we get kind of bored by the same old same old. So we seek out the exotic – the new, and that’s what we consume.

Maybe that’s OK when it comes to food, variety being the spice of life and all, but what about the way our hunger translates to fashions and furnishings? Is it still OK to always seek out the new? Is it at all unreasonable to continue to demand that new items be manufactured, used a few years, then to load them onto a truck, and cart them to a landfill?

Buying Antiques Is A Small Way To Save The World

Tooth Shaped Drinking Cup Sold By Lyon & Turnbull For £380

It’s this writers observation that the biggest consumers of home furnishings are younger people, somewhere in the age range between 25 and 45 years old. Guess what, they are not buying a lot of antiques, they’re instead making the decision to purchase home furnishings of recent manufacture.

Fashion is the engine of so much new commerce, which is great. New fashions are wonderful expressions of a cultures creativity, and that creativity has a trickle effect throughout the economy – which is great as well. But what about fashion, and the search for the next Big Thing’s effect on the environment? How many trees does it take to furnish a house?

Take a Long Sip From The Past

Sold By Cowans $510.00Sold By Cowans $206.00Sold By Cowans $316.00

The Question Might Better Be: How Can You Meld The Old With The New

Yesterday, I was in the San Francisco home of a wonderful woman who is in my opinion, designing her interiors to reflect the past in such a way that they are still clearly useful to today’s consumers. She had an amazing kitchen with all the latest modern conveniences, but it was also decked out with antique lighting and vintage china and cookware. Every wall sconce and ceiling light fixture seemed to come out of an old Moe Bridges catalog. Art Deco furnishing were highlighted here and there throughout her house; paired with objects a’ la Steampunk. Did I mention the Marshall Stacks and Vintage Guitars…?

She is kind of like an Inspired Design Diva…I wish there were more like her. People who can show others how to incorporate antiques in such a visually stunning way, but at the same time keep the feeling of the house fresh and somehow contemporary.

Eat, But Don’t Have Your Hunger Create Negative Effects

Antique Ivory Dental Model with Hinged Jaws Sold By Skinner For $1,293.00

Here Are 5 Environmentally Positive Ways You Can Furnish Your Home…

  1. Purchase used high end designer furniture from auctions.
  2. Decide that 50% of all new acquisitions will be vintage
  3. Tell Antique Dealers what you really want, they need to know.
  4. Go to Estate Sales, their variety will surprise you.
  5. Look for deals on Craigslist.

Now Sit Back And Enjoy Your Less Environmentally Painful Surroundings

Antique Dentist Chair Sold By Skinner For an Undisclosed Amount


Martin Codina

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3 thoughts on “Sink Your Teeth Into Antiques

  1. Martin…. Did I mention I’ve found teeth in button tins? It’s pretty horrifying, lemme tell ya! PS – how do you find guitars for your kid who’s about to start a career as a luthier (next week) and was told – go to flea markets and get broken/wrecked guitars to salvage for parts, when its not flea market season? Got any laying around…in pieces is good…


  2. I would add a sixth item to the list: attend antiques shows. It’s a great way to meet professional dealers and learn quickly about the range of objects on the market. You’ll also learn how to incorporate antiques into your home, how to spot fakes, how to judge “good, better and best,” and where prevailing prices stand. You might even find something you can’t live without, who knows?

  3. Hello, I have a chair I would like to sell. It is very old and uniqiue. From what I have been able to find out it from the 1800’s and is classified as fantasy furniture. I would love to sell the chair or help selling it. I collect mid century modern furniture so this stands outs. I was given this chair from my greatgrandmother. I have attached pictures. Thanks

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