Smoke em if ya got em: Cigarette Collectibles

Cigarettes aren’t so popular now, except as Collectibles

Black Smoker by Lambert Sold by Skinner Inc

There is no better time than now to collect Cigarette and Smoking collectibles: All over America people have gotten the hint – smoking ain’t exactly as healthy or as elegant as it once upon a time was – ex-smokers and family members not knowing the value of their smoking paraphernalia are clearing out their cupboards.

But Cigarettes are Still King with Collectors

Feuerzeugkamera Cigarette Lighter Camera Sold by Auction Team Breker

If you can find cigarette and tobacco collectibles at an estate sale or better yet at a garage sale, you’ll likely be able to pick them up for very inexpensive prices, and then be able to realize a hefty return when you resell them at auction.

I Predict Cigarette Collectibles Values to Rise Like Smoke

Fatima Turkish Cigarette Sign Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions LLC

Why? It’s simple. While smoking may be harmful to your health, the collecting of all things “Cigarette” is not. Signs, tins, ashtrays, lighters and cigarette cases are in a word, beautiful – spectacular even.

Cigarette Collectibles Harken to a Better Past

Lucian Bernhard Manoli Ashtray Poster Sold by Swann Galleries, Inc.

The glory or romance of the past is indeed the primary reason anything becomes collectible. Smokey deal filled rooms. Dinners where your father or mother may have met. The jazz and Blues clubs of yore…all smoke filled…and inviting with possibilities.

Cigarette Collectibles are Appealing!

Enamel Cigarette Case After Alphonse Mucha Sold by Sotheby’s

They may even be as addicting as smoking itself to collect. The collecting possibilities are endless. As always my advice is to collect only the best. Look for Sterling and enamel cigarette cases, tin litho signs, any item adorned with a beautiful woman.

Light up with Style

Omar Cigarettes Tin Sign  Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions LLC

Another great place to find cigarette collectibles are all the small mom and pop auction houses across America, most of them have not yet tied themselves into any of the large internet auction bidding frameworks…

Humans collect, that’s just what they do…

Martin Codina

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