So You Want To Get Into The Estate Sales Business

The 8 Things You Must Do – To get into the Estate Sales business:

I receive a lot of inquiries from people who want to get into the Estate Sales business. Here are some of their questions:

SW asks: “I am just curious as to how to get into this type of business…could you possibly give me any information or some websites I could check out? This would be greatly appreciated!” Thanks!

JJ asks: “My question to you is, what are the ins and outs to establish an estate sale business? I live in a small but fast growing area of central Arizona and I would like to get into the estate sale business.”

“I once worked with a woman in Phoenix who is now out of business. I loved it. She is now gone and I need to know from another source how to go about creating an estate sales business in a legal manner, and how to conduct the business in a moral and ethical manner. Please give me a little advice, and where I might turn for more information.”

AS asks: I just read your article on how you got started in the estate sales business! I own an antique mall and will soon be starting my 11th year in business. I feel I am missing a good income source by not getting into the auction/estate business, what would you suggest I do?

8 Things You Must Do, to get into the estate sales business…

  1. Ask Everybody: Ask your Clients, Attorneys, Realtor’s and other people in businesses that are connected to the estate sales business, a lot of questions about their experiences with estate liquidators. Seek, and test out, the advice you are given.
  2. Model Successful Behaviors: Follow the Estate Sales Leaders. Watch the estate sales experts in your area. Find out what they are doing.
  3. Expect to Pay for Advice: When I started in the estate liquidation business, I would hire a local personal property appraiser, to make sure that I was not making any costly mistakes.
  4. Read Guide Books: Kovels, and many price guides published by Warman’s will teach you much about learning to identify various collectibles.  However it is also important to note, that while these antique and collectibles guide books can teach you much about identification, the value quotes in them need to be compared to local market conditions. Read, Read, and Read…
  5. Estate Liquidators are Secretive: They are one of the few business groups, who do not freely give information away. One of the best ways to learn the estate liquidation business is to work for an estate liquidator. I mean, imagine an auctioneer who had never worked in an auction house. How effective would they be?
  6. Become a Great listener: Every estate is a bit different, and each client has their own unique way of communicating their needs. By listening carefully, you will be able to address them more usefully.
  7. Ethics are Mandatory: They are not something you acquire. You either have them or you don’t! If you do not have solid ethics, you will never make it in the Estate Sales Business. Word will get out very quickly, and your business will fail.
  8. Start Small: Rome was not built in a day, so be realistic. Start with small estates and work your way up. Establish you reputation, and soon the better projects will come.

Good Luck!!!

My name is Martin Codina and I am an estate liquidator who loves his job.

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4 thoughts on “So You Want To Get Into The Estate Sales Business

  1. Why would you even write an article that doesn’t help people at all, but tells them that “it’s a closely guarded secret”? This is not true! I used to go to tons of estate sales and often found the companies that held them had very little knowledge. Some companies simply priced things cheaply to “move” them and others tried to maximize prices so they could maximize their profits. There were three men that bought items at estate sales and resold them. They ended up getting together and opening an estate sale company without any credentials other than being “pickers” and simply “threw” the sales together. There really isn’t any “secret” as you seem to imply…

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