Sock Monsters Steal Socks, It’s What They Do…

….Sock monsters…People! What are we to do about em…?

No matter, even if Argyle, Sock Monsters Eat Socks!

Gene Kelly’s Argyle Socks, Sold by Profiles in History

It’s clear to me that Gene Kelly’s sock drawer was one night visited by the sock monsters. You know the sock monsters – they that steal your socks, oneĀ  at a time until your entire sock drawer contains only one of what used to be pairs of socks…in this case the sock monster got greedy and stole a pair.

It’s Time We Caught The Sock Monster!

Photo of Giant Happy Jack Eckert Sold by Lyn Knight Auctions

Sock Monsters are most definitely out there…above is a picture of their leader taking a day break after a night of underwear drawer prowling in Baby Huey’s room…look at the medals pinned to his chest, those came from the Loyal Order Of Midnight Sock Sackers, otherwise known as LOOMSS.

The Sock Monster as a Young Boy

Photo Sold by Jackson’s Auction

I wish I knew a defense against sock thievery, someway I could share with you to avoid losing your socks, but there really isn’t any way to prevent the theft of your socks…it’s just a fact of life, all of us have to learn to deal with it…

Sock Monsters Develop Their Affliction While Young

Currier & Ives Litho of Giant Baby Sold by PBA Auctions

Take care out there, Guard Your Socks, and your feet will always thank you, and we, we won’t have to look at one of your ankles…

Martin Codina

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