Stuff to Look For At Estate Sales

While these items are extremely rare, hence their high auction sales prices, it is definitely possible to find stuff like this at estate sales…

Stuff I Learned from Tammy…

California Clubhouse Whiskey bottle with link follow

(The California Clubhouse Whiskey Bottle $30,240.00)

At Collectibles Corner TV


Cast Iron Turtle Bank Mechanical Bank Sold by Morphy Auctions with Link Follow

(Cast Iron Turtle Bank Mechanical Bank $62,520.00)

I found the above info while watching the latest Collectibles Corner TV Episode: #35 Air Sickness Bags, An old bottle and Turtle…

#35 Air Sickness Bags, An old bottle and turtle? Junkables? Nao Porcelain, and the Forum

It’s these kinds of collectibles that you should be on the look out for when you go to estate sales. If you open your mind to the possibilities, get beyond your own expertise or collecting habits, and start to learn about other collectibles – become a bit more of a generalist, you just might make the big score.

As I have written in the past…If you are looking at something of which you can say “I’ve never seen anything like that before” chances are others haven’t either, and thereby your chances of not only making the “Big Score” increase, but your chances of having only the most unique items to sell will also increase.

In today’s market it is the Unusual that sells…

Like this very collectible Air Sickness Bag

1972 Republican Convention Air Sickness bag with link follow

Air Sickness Bag Museum

Three more reasons I love Estate Sales…

Martin Codina

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4 thoughts on “Stuff to Look For At Estate Sales

  1. Oh gosh I so wish I was gifted this way. You have no idea the number of things I found fascinating that turned out to be real klunkers. Oh the amount of $2 things I bought that turned out to be worth even less… sigh

  2. Over time I’ve found both, “hidden gold” and “evident pot metal”.
    My record (in terms of paid/sold) is an orange glass Mid Century Modern vase that I bought for c25 and sold for $35.

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