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$500 Reward: Who Owned These Antique Gold False Teeth

Extra! Extra! Extra! 

$500.00 Reward or $300.00, $200.00, $100.00 Prize

Do you know who owned these Antique False Teeth? If you do, and can credibly prove it, we will reward the first person to do so with $500.00

$500.00 is some real dough to sink your teeth into.

Why is Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation offering this $500.00 Reward – It’s simple, it’s because we don’t know who once wore them, and if we did, why, well, er…we could sell them for a lot of money, and buy a whole lot of dental floss…

Antique enameled and filigree gold false teeth, look them up: Do a Google search, or any other search that you can, I did, and I can’t find anything even remotely similar.

4 Ways To Win: $500.00 – $300.00 – $200.00 – $100.00

$500.00 Reward: Tell us who actually wore these teeth.

$300.00 – 1st Prize: Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

$200.00 – 2nd Prize: 2nd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

$100.00 – 3rd Prize: 3rd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

These Gold, Enameled and Pearly White Teeth

Are Rare, I have Never Seen Anything Like Them…

OK, here are the rules for these Rewards and Prizes:

  1. For the $500.00 Reward, you must furnish proof of who owned these Antique and Gold Dentures. Proof must be conclusive (photos, or some detailed historical text)
  2. This $500.00 Reward will go to the first person who provides a verifiable previous owner.
  3. It is entirely likely that these teeth may have been part of a museum collection or private collection. If you can conclusively provide this information, and even if you do not know the person to whom these Antique Gold and Enamel False Teeth belonged to, that’s OK, as long as you can establish for a fact that this museum or private collection, once owned them.
  4. To win our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Prizes, all you have to be is funny, or enlightening. Tell us a whopper. Wow us with a fantastic made up history. Use your creativity.
  5. Contest Ends: February 26, 2011

$500.00 Reward, claim it by letting us know who once owned these False Teeth

Here is everything I know about these Antique Dentures: About a week ago I picked these antique dentures up from a client. She wanted me to sell them on her behalf, she asked me if I thought I could figure out what they were worth. I of course said, “Sure.”

I thought it would be easy. I thought “No Sweat.”

Well it isn’t going to be easy…That’s why I am offering a $500.00 reward. Did I mention that I am willing to pay the sum of $500.00 for conclusive information leading to the identity of the original wearer of these golden teeth…?

Well I am.

The present owner of these, my client, is a 90 year old woman from Australia, who once operated a pawn shop there along with her husband.

These Antique False Teeth Once Belonged to a Prince

Or so it’s said…

My client said, that the story about these antique gold and enameled teeth is that they once upon a time belonged to a prince.

But the prince of where?

A prince who ruled when?

Remember there are 4 ways to win!

  1. Correctly identify the previous owner of these gold and enameled false teeth.
  2. Make up a story about who once owned these gold and enameled false teeth.

Our Contest Judges

Reyne Haines Antiques Contributor to The Huffington Post
Will Seippel CEO of Worthpoint
Martin Willis Founder of Antique Auction Forum

Update: Contest now closed and we have 3 winners…

Our 3 Contest Winners Here


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