Take The Right Steps To Estate Sales Success

It’s all about The Steps You’re Willing To Take…

This post is about two aspects of the estate sales process.

  1. Finding an estate liquidator.
  2. Conducting your own estate sale.

Finding an estate liquidator:

There are a number of successful ways to find an estate liquidator.

  1. Estate Sales Company List This is the number one way to find an estate liquidator in your area.
  2. Craigslist Do a keyword search for estate sales in your specific area.
  3. Yellow Pages.Com Enter your city and use estate liquidation as your category.
  4. Google Enter your city name and the keywords estate sales or estate liquidation.
  5. San Francisco Estate Sales.

Always ask your attorney, Realtor, or friends for their recommendations.

Questions to ask an estate liquidator:

Fine Antique Jewelry

Fine Antique Jewelry (Click)

Here is a link to my main website Fine Estate Liquidation, look to the right side bar, and you will see a set of links to a list of questions to ask an estate liquidator. I deliberately refrain from giving the answers to these question out of respect to my readers.

The best way to use these questions is to ask them of at least 3 different estate liquidators – about how they approach the estate sales process.

My feeling is that after you listen to the way each of these estate liquidation professionals answer these questions, you will know which estate liquidator is right for you.

Conducting Your Own Estate Sale:

The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide (59.95)

The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide (59.95)

3 Reasons To Conduct Your Own Estate Sale:

  1. The financial value of your estate is not high enough to interest a professional.
  2. You have researched the subject Here, Here, Here, and Here.
  3. You have help from friends and relatives; under no circumstance should you endeavor to conduct your own estate sale alone.

I wrote a handy, and informative estate sales kit which will help you understand all the task you will need to undertake, and how to accomplish them.

From how and where to research antiques and collectibles values, to how to set up the the house, and control the flow of people who will come to your sale.

The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide

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