The Interesting World of Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

The Interesting World of Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

Estate Liquidation is one of the most unique jobs that a person can have. It is a back stage pass to the greatest story never really told. In theater, there is something called the fourth wall. It is the imaginary wall made of thin air that separates actors from their audience.

Each of us has a wall like this in our homes. It is what divides our private space from our public space. Since childhood we have been taught not to enter this private space. We learned that we are never to go into their drawers, closets, or bedrooms unless we are invited. Very few people ever get this permission.

One such person is the estate liquidator

My name is Martin Codina and I am an estate liquidator. I founded Fine Estate Liquidation 13 years ago, as a way of helping people to sort through a lifetime of accumulation, and sell their inherited personal property at an estate sale.

Everyone that calls an Estate Sales Professional has a problem, something they need help managing. They’re moving, downsizing, retiring to a home, or they have suffered the terrible loss of a loved one who has passed. What are they to do with all the excess “stuff” in their homes? Who do they call? Who do they trust to go behind the scene with them and help them decide?

Find an Estate Sales Professional, and when you do, ask them these questions.

The biggest part of my job is to help people by employing rational solutions to their estate liquidation problems.

I am an estate liquidator and I love my job…


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