The Lady In The Mink

The Lady in the Mink:

It was the first morning of an Estate Sale

As with most first mornings, it was hectic. It had taken us four days to prepare this sale, and we had completed the process of pricing over a thousand items, but there were still a few special pieces left to be priced.

Our estate sale was opening in ten minutes…

It was crunch time. I hurried to a back bedroom, to price a full length mink coat: a short leather jacket with fur trim, and several mink shawls and stoles.

I then finished pricing some exquisitely designed Lalique vases and bowls. My personal favorite was one which was decorated with an array of finches. They appeared to be flying in formation around the bowl. It was truly an outstanding piece of Lalique. I heard the front door open and the first fifteen shoppers were let in and the sale began.

The Estate Sale was bustling along when a few hours later…

I relieved a fellow staffer who was working at our check out table. There were people in line with their baskets filled with treasures. My attention was focused on logging their sales into our computer. I looked up and saw a tall, sophisticated older woman, wearing the full length mink coat I had priced earlier, she was also holding the Lalique finch bowl that I had priced.

“Good Morning” I said ‘You’ve picked out some beautiful pieces.” She smiled and handed me the Lalique bowl. I turned it over to verify the price. There was a price sticker on it for $40.

So I asked myself, “Did we just have a 90% off sale that I wasn’t aware of?” I didn’t think so…

I nicely explained that there must be a mistake, and that I had personally priced that bowl at $575. “Well”, she said, “the price on it now says $40.” I informed her that while the both of us might not have any idea how the wrong price got affixed to this bowl, it in fact had the wrong price.

I showed her where I had earlier marked the price at $575 with an indelible marker. She shook her head with mocked surprise and somewhat indignantly said, “That’s too much.” She then took off the mink coat, and handed it to me. And then I noticed for the first time, that the price for the mink coat had also been changed. It now read $25.

Wow, only $25 for a full length designer mink coat! There must have been another 90% off sale that somehow I missed…

I looked out the window, watching this tall sophisticated lady get into her brand new Mercedes and drive off down the road. I wondered to myself, “Is she off to another estate sale?”

My name is Valetta Ciarla. I work for Fine Estate Liquidation, Inc. and there’s never a dull moment in my job, that’s why I love what I do, and tomorrow there will be more tales to tell.

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