The Lone Rangers Gun, Plus The Pistol I’d Have If I Were a Vaquero…

As a kid I watched the Lone Ranger – like every Saturday morning…

There are just so many things you might find in a house that have incredible value. Here is one that’s coming up for auction mid January.

This is the lot description: The Lone Ranger – Brace Beemer – Documented Double Hand-Tooled and Silver-Mounted Holster Rig and Cartridge Belt, with Pair of Engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolvers. Auction Estimate – $20,000.00 – $30,000.00

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Saturday Mornings, I also watched the Cisco Kid…

This is the lot description: Spectacular Engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolver with Silver-Mounted Grips, with Mexican Silver-Mounted Holster Rig, Saddle, Sword and Decorated Spurs, Revolver with a Factory Letter. Auction Estimate: $40,000.00 – $60,000.00

Note: The above silver mounted and engraved Colt pistol, did not belong to the Cisco Kid, however, I am sure he would have wanted it.

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6 thoughts on “The Lone Rangers Gun, Plus The Pistol I’d Have If I Were a Vaquero…

  1. Toma, This item is beautiful, I aggree! As a boy, I would most definitely have won every childhood shoot em up bang bang…with a version of this…Thanks for your comment…

  2. the guy to admire is Joaquin Murieta who was helping out disenfrancised Mexicans after the Yanqui take over Cali minutes before the gold rush – he didnt make the tv serials but he was dressed completely in silver but no one ever recognized him because i suppose they thought all mexicans look alike. He had some awesome bad guys like 3 finger jack and a love called Rosita who was raped by the yanqui etc the victorian novela is by John Rollin Ridge who was a cherokee whose father had been killed because he said they ought to go to the reservation because in the end they would be forced. Some say JM is actually Zorro or it has been conflated in the films but Zorro was secretly rich if you watch fairbanks thru the most recent. maybe but i doubt it

    If you do Chicano Studies JM is the father of resistance

  3. were the SAA Colt pistols attributed to Brace Beemer auctioned and if so when and for how much.I live in Michigan and grew up a few doors from his (The Lone Ranger) grandchildren whom I played cowboys and indians with.I thought these guns were in the Fawcett Toy &Art Museum.
    Thanks for any info,

  4. …Not sure at this point when these pistols were sold…but I do know that it was Greg Martin Auctions in San Francisco that sold them…perhaps a call to them…(415) 834-5665

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