The Male Figure Cast As Bronze

Male Figures Cast As Bronze

A bronze sculpted medallion by Arthur Lee with a classical nude male figure

Bronze Medallion by Arthur Lee (American, 1881 to 1961) 5″ Dia. Sold by Skinner, Inc. for $323.00 in November of 2008

Bronze is the perfect medium to cast the male body into – so solid, striking and malleable when warm, like the human form itself. The way light plays on an old bronze piece, the way it has color elements of yellow, red, gold and brown; standing for so many years as testaments, as symbols, and yes, as records of the way each time period in our history related to a mans body.

Glorious, yet subtle – Bronze Men Hunt, Work, or Represent Gods

R. Schipke bronze figure of nude male

Bronze Male Archer by R. Schipke 40″ Tall. Sold By Skinner, Inc. for $6,518.00 in July of 2008

The male body cast in bronze is everywhere – in squares, churches, and parks. Gracing our landscapes with their dignity and strength, but unlike the female bronze, not often remarked upon, which is a shame, because a mans form has all the mystique of a woman’s, but for some reason, perhaps out of some fear or other, we don’t talk much about them.

The Male Bronze Often Represents Industry

Bronze by Emile Picault sold by Pook and Pook with link follow

Bronze by Emile Louis Picault (French, 1833 to 1915) “La Forge” 42″ Tall. Sold by Pook and Pook for $2,223.00 in November of 2008

The Bronze Men: With sweat and toil, the movements of their bodies arcing with power, with the fury of industry, they go to meet the darkly splendid turmoil that their Faustian bargain with early technology begot – From stone to bronze to iron; building strange landscapes of towers, and bridges – forging with heat, what we now call towns and cities, onto the earth we once called mother.

The Bronze Men, Our Fathers…

Bernini bronze sold by Freemans Auctions with link follow

Bronze After Bernini “David Preparing His Sling” 21″ Tall. Sold by Freemans for $2,125.00 in May of 2009

Males formed in bronze offer something more inviting then when chipped from stone, or brushed off and onto a canvas; they are all at once solid and unyielding,  but also, even in their sternness, we can see what wants to become good in them – what is already wise, what wants to protect, and defend us.

The Male Form, let it not be Conquered by Indifference

Bronze by Alfredo Pina sold by Brunk Auctions with link follow

Bronze by Alfredo Pina (Italian 1883 to 1966) “Conquered” 11″ Tall, Sold By Brunk Auctions for $2,070 in January of 2009

The masculine body is adroit and attentive to the winds and dust risings of advancing armies; is poised, about to undertake the impossible; is daring with agility, and wants to be admired for its embodiment of strength. And, I can think of no other material than bronze that expresses this so endearingly.

Martin Codina

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  1. Hi, I love your work, we are in the midst of building a new hotel, which should take in the region of 3 years, and will be looking for bronzes. Please email me pictures of your various subjects..thanks Shirley

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