The World of Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation: What to do with firearms?

Welcome To The World of Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation:

8 Antique Derringers You Should Look For…in your attic or basement…

In the wonderful world of Fine Estate Liquidation and Estate Sales as professionals, we as well as executors, or heirs are likely to come across vintage or rare firearms.

Great care should be taken with firearms found in an estate:

While at times the firearms found in the home of a client or family member have extraordinary value, great care should always be taken with them. Remember even an “Old Gun” is potentially dangerous.

If you are unfamiliar with handling firearms, do not handle them. Call an expert. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. If you are a professional Estate Liquidator, check all local and federal laws before ever proceeding with the sale of a firearm.

Sometimes these firearms are extraordinarily valuable:

It is always better to first seek the consul and advice of an Estate Sales Professional who has contacts to the national arena of major auction houses.

These professionals will act as your advocate, and help you identify whether or not you have a very valuable firearm needing this type of exposure.

I never sell firearms privately. I just don’t and you shouldn’t either!!!

However, I do facilitate their sale from time to time through the proper channels.

I have learned how to do this in a way that is safe, and in a way that generates greater income for the heirs of the estates I represent.

The Photo Gallery of Derringers above shows how much a few types of derringers can be worth.

If you are a professional Estate liquidator or an heir, and you have need of my “Inherited Firearms Placement Service please send me an email.

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