Those French Have A Way With Mirrors

The Trumeau

Mid 19c French Trumeau sold at a San Francisco Estate Sale

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Basically a Trumeau is a mirror from France which contains a carved panel above or below a mirror all set within a single frame. Very often it also has a painting contained within the carved panel. These paintings are usually not by any one famous, but they are often signed, so it pays to look the artist up, just in case.

Here are other examples of Trumeau Mirrors and Their Prices:

Louis XVI style giltwood and painted trumeau mirror

A Louis XVI Style Trumeau Mirror: (Last quarter 19c.) Sold For: £4,200 ($7,636) Christie’s: London Auction Date: Sep. 29, 2005

Trumeau courting scene

Trumeau, Circa 1890 “Courting Scene” 66″ x 48″ Brunk Auctions – Jan. 2005 Sold For: $2,300


PAIR LOUIS XV TRUMEAU MIRRORS 18c Christie’s London, Sept. 2007 Sold For: £12,500

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