Treasure, Trash or Estate Sales Mmmm…

Or Would you have thrown this chair away…?

Chippendale Sells For $51,750.00

Chippendale Chair Sells For $51,750.00

As Hard As It May Be To Read – Many Intelligent People Throw Valuable Household Items Away Instead Of Selling Them At An Estate Sale!

Think about it. The average San Francisco Estate Sale that Fine Estate Liquidation conducts in the San Francisco Bay Area contains as many as 750 to 1200 saleable items. If each of these items were worth only an average of $10.00 each, than selling these items at an estate sale would generate a minimum income of between $7,500.00 and $12,000.00.

In today’s economic climate you might want to ask yourself “Can I afford to throw money away?”

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So There You Are, In Your House, Or The Home Of A Loved One, And You Are Faced With Having To Do Something With A Household Full Of Personal Property.

At least once a week I receive a phone call from someone who informs me that they have thrown away as trash many of the items in their house or the home of a decedent. They do this for many reasons.

Folks, I know that you are trying to get through difficult times, that going through someone elses house is tough, that you think because you wouldn’t buy the things you are throwing away, you believe that no one else will either.

But a thorough cross check of hundreds of estate liquidation web sites across the country will ask you to do otherwise.

Don’t throw anything away!

Whether You Are Planning On Conducting Your Own Estate Sale, Or Hiring A Professional Estate Liquidator Remember Our Logical Order Of Estate Liquidation.

Fine Estate Liquidations logical order of estate liquidation:

First: Try to sell your item.

Second: If your item cannot be sold – donate or give it away.

Third: If your item cannot be sold or given away then it’s OK to define it as debris.

Classic Refuse

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Here Are 4 Items I Hope You Never Throw Away!

1935 EARLY ZIPPO LIGHTER PAT PEND ORIGINAL NEAR MINT  (Sold on February 16, 2008 for $2,025.00)

1935 EARLY ZIPPO LIGHTER PAT PEND ORIGINAL NEAR MINT (Sold on February 16, 2008 for $2,025.00)

Wellington OH Ohio Big 4 Railroad Patriotic Studio RPPC $500

Wellington OH Ohio Big 4 Railroad Patriotic Studio Postcard RPPC $500

19c French Oil Lamp $650.00

19c French Oil Lamp $650.00

UNION CASE with Daguerreotype $650.00

UNION CASE with Daguerreotype $650.00

For more information about the estate sales and estate liquidation process contact Martin Codina here: Fine Estate liquidation, Inc.

If you want to learn how to conduct your own estate sale visit The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide website.

My name is Martin Codina and I an estate liquidator who loves his job.

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