Unless you Adapt to the Internet, your Antiques business is gonna Die!

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Antique Dealers all over the country are crying the blues…

Their universal wail is “There are no more buyers…people don’t collect antiques anymore…The young just don’t get antiques…”

My less than kind assessment of these protests is that they represent

Poppy Cock… Pure Drivel… Unsound Reasoning… Short Sighted and Myopic Meanderings…

Here is how I know that these antique dealers are dead wrong. Because I have heard these complaints since I got into the estate sales business almost 14 years ago, and in that time I have sold several million dollars worth of antiques…

My Bold Statement: The Antiques Business Will Never Die. It Can’t! But “Old Strategy” Antique Dealers will be buried by the economy and buyer apathy if they don’t learn to adapt to the web and its attendant technologies…to the way buyers seek information and make buying decisions today.

It’s That Simple, Adapt or your Antique Business will die…

Here are three simple things you can do to help your antiques business stay alive in today’s antique marketplace…

1. Connect with other antique dealers who are using the internet to directly market their goods or services. Remember, success in the antique business happens in clusters. Go it alone and you will be alone.

Ways to do this include: Creating a Blog or Website. Commenting on other like minded Blogs or Websites. Judicious use of Social Media.

2. Keeping all of your knowledge to yourself is “Old School.” The best and brightest – the most successful, those who are considered by the industry to be “Antiques Experts” give a lot of information about how to value and properly identify antiques away. That’s right, they are seen as educators, and as a result they do tons of business.

Look at these examples of emerging “Antiques Authority:Back GarageAuction WallyCollectibles Corner TV

3. Want to sell to the largest part of America not presently buying antiques – that 25 to 40 year old demographic? Well to do so you might begin to understand their dilemma: Lack of Information!

Become an Antiques Information Provider, and you will flourish…even if your efforts in this regard are small…

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5 thoughts on “Unless you Adapt to the Internet, your Antiques business is gonna Die!

  1. You are soooo right! Especially the part about keeping all your knowledge to yourself being Old School. Today’s dealers/junkers know that it’s better when we work together…. There’s plenty to go around.

    Ditto on the 25-40 demographic. We need to adapt to their way of finding information. XOX

  2. In general my personal opinion is that the antiques business as a whole will not do very well online because antiques need to be inspected, touched, felt and so on and repros are everywhere online and harder to spot by pictures alone. You’ll get your regular customers to buy online because they know you and your reputation. As far as younger people, they seem to only get into antiques after they’re left for them in a will.
    Just my 2 cents

  3. Sue: Old School silence and keeping of secrets will work, but it isn’t as fun, and for me, the revelation of a so called “Secret” has not hurt my business…


    John: Thanks for commenting. I to think that buying from just anyone on the internet is not as good as the old fashion shopping style of actually visiting an Antique Store.

    However, having said that, the online trend cannot be ignored. Online Antique sales are growing by the day, and I think this is a trend which will only continue.

    Witness 1stdibs, Rubylane, etc…

    Happy Holidays


  4. Once again, an excellent post by you. Unfortunately, most of the dealers who are in need of a wake-up call regarding online selling will never see your post. They are too busy walking around their store (museum?) complaining about how bad business is.

  5. Wayne: Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts here…

    A Discourse On The Arts And Sciences: Wow, and that’s what a comment looks like folks, and go check out this persons blog. Witty, Irreverent, and Informative…

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