Find Vintage Cookbooks at Estate Sales

Where To Find Vintage Cookbook Covers, and How To Research Them…

Jell-O America's Most Famous Dessert

…At an Estate Sale of course…

Whenever I offer Cookbooks Like these; they literally fly from the shelves.

The above gallery of cookbook covers comes from the Nicole Di Bona Peterson Collection of Advertising Cookbooks (1878 – 1929) collection of vintage cookbook covers housed, and curated by Duke University. One of the interesting things about some of these covers, is to see the penciled in prices on the covers, making me wonder if indeed, they were purchased at an estate sale.

…Maybe they were found at Estate Sale, who knows…

Go see these Cookbooks At Duke:

One of the most impressive things about the site, other than its wealth of pure culinary visuals, is that it contains not only images of cookbook covers, but also, it has the handy capability of allowing a viewer to scroll through the old recipes contained within them. Go, find a recipe, and cook a 1920’s dinner tonight.

Some Other Vintage Cookbook Resource Sites:

Vintage Cookbooks Blog, Old, The Vintage Cookbook Trials

Bon Appetit!!!

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