Vote For Your Favorite Ruby Lane Shop

The Top Three Ruby Lane Shops Will Then Be Reviewed By Me

Yea! It’s a contest…

I like Ruby Lane, and I sell on Ruby Lane, and I want you to vote for your favorite Ruby Lane Shop.

Vote early, vote late, and vote often. There are no rules for this, you can even vote for your own shop. And I definitely want you to include a link to your Ruby Lane Shop in your comments.

I am going to keep the voting open until Saturday July 12, 2010

I want to hear who you think is selling the best of the best on Ruby Lane. I want to see who you think consistently offers the best service – who sells the finest Sterling Silver – Who sells Vintage Clothing – from what shop did you purchase your favorite postcard.

Does your Favorite Ruby Lane Shop sell Costume or Fine Jewelry? Are they a Collectibles Shop or an Antique Shop? Does your favorite Ruby Lane Seller have a theme, a special or unique name, let me know.

And what will they win Monty?

Is it a Cash Prize, a Negotiable Security, or a Pristine Bank Note…?

No, not cash, but something better. And what could be better than cash? Traffic! That’s right traffic. Traffic is better than cash because it insures future sales for a long time.

The average post on this site is read a total of a few thousand times in a three month period of time. That’s a lot of page views, and guess what, some of those people are going to be so intrigued by our review of a shop that they will just have to saunter on over and visit.

Charm us by Casting Your Vote

Here’s what you do: Leave a comment. A comment is a vote. A comment lets me and all the world know who your favorite Ruby Lane Shop is. A Comment, a tiny bit of time out of your day typing words explaining briefly or at length why you think I should review your favorite Ruby Lane Shop.

What to include in your comment: The Ruby Shop Name or URL. Of course because it makes it easier for everyone we prefer that you include both.

Then I will sift through your votes, counting as I go, and which ever 3 shops get the most votes will win a review of their Ruby Lane Shop by yours truly.

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2 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Ruby Lane Shop

  1. I am COBAYLEY on Ruby Lane. I have been with Ruby for only 2 years or so, but the website has changed our lives. What a wonderful way to continue shopping for the things we appreciate the most. Please consider our shop in your “contest”. I was just thrilled to find my old friend, The Antique Trader here on facebook.

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